The Fading Tales of Trees

Rustling winds echo strangely in the cathedral of trees

Shadowed by heavy canopies and enclosed by spreading ferns and moss

Stat taco drops of moisture create a rhythm as dew falls from the leaves

And the empty forest feels the suns absence and silence as a loss.


Not a whisper of wildlife breaks the muted harmony

The greenery pushing forth, making itself heard alone

And the sounds of the land composing and breaking free

Strike upon the heart of the earth at a strange tone.


Shivers of fog cascade down from the mountains

Smothering once more and silencing again

Till all that is left is the sound of the fountains

The sound of the river and song of the rain.


For water will say what tree and land cannot

Will tell all a story with every gurgle and gasp

Changeable, fluid it cannot be destroyed or forgot

And on it will call beyond that last trees soft rasp.


So heed carefully the stories that trees have to tell

And every truth that the temporary begrudges to share

For they will not be here forever and well

And soon there shall be no-one to listen and care.

By Starfire17

Written 24/12/08