A/N:lol just some weird stuff I wrote when I was going through internet deprivation a couple of years ago. Seriously being without internet for more than 2 months can do strange things to your mind. Also warning for swearing quite a bit.

Internet Blues

Turn the computer on

See the blue screen engage

A connection crackles through

You're on your internet homepage.

But what happens when it all goes wrong

Error messages appear

Access denied, connection faulty

Oh internet your price is so dear.

Withdrawal symptoms start to kick in

The shakes, clicking a mouse that isn't there

Connection attempts again and again

What the f*ck!, it just isn't fair.

Towers down, your passwords wrong

Weathers interfering with the signal

And your network is unplugged

It won't connect and that's final.

It sunny out there

What do I care?

I just want connect

But the internet doesn't play fair

Try something else? What do you mean

MSN won't work and myspace is out

I can't read my internet books or download my songs

I even can't email or go on youtube, I pout.

It's out for a day, out for a week

F*ck this I can't even sleep

It's preying on my mind, is this a conspiracy?

Internet come back I weep.

Click on the icon trying again, dialing

Connecting to remote server

Verifying username and password

F*ck you, come on its now or never

Towers down, your passwords wrong,

Weathers interfering with the signal.

Your network is unplugged,

It won't connect and that's final.

It's gone and now so am I

Goodbye cruel world, goodbye.

Written: 2005