A/N: Another darker poem. Warning angst, abuse, somewhat graphic imagery.

Fade Away


Voices cry in echoed spaces

Whimpers fade back into night

Agony in a thousand faces

With red on black and black on white.

Forgotten in a tear filled hollow

Souls weep on till life is spent

With only blood and tears to show

What kind of life can they present?

Scars on skin that words won't fill

And shards of bone from broken blow

Yet these clear signs appear not, still.

Screams of pain and sobs of sorrow

Contained within an unmarked frame

What's not today may be tomorrow

Yet stuck here still with all the same.

Till slowly fall back in that space

Where none can see and none can find

Hide away what you can't face

And fade away into your mind

By Starfire17

Written 15/9/08