The Rose of Love

Cry upon a fallen flower

Fragile petals scattered wide

As darkness flows upon the midnight hour

And heat and love are locked outside.

I cannot help but think of you

When I see the rose's faint crushed form

And every time, I bid you adieu

My sacred ritual that I perform

For whilst you're still in spring's soft bloom

Autumn and winter still beckon yet

Those twilight hours will forever loom

Till our loves we part in death's sunset.

But when I see a budding leaf

Or spy upon a butterfly

I live for now and breathe relief

And laugh and smile till I could cry

For I have you still within my arms

I'm blessed with your vibrant loving heart

You enchant me and I fall for your charms

Willing to take any love you impart

For you are my rose, my love in a flower

Blooming in life till one day you wilt

And nothing can be stronger than love in its power

So upon winter's night I'll die without guilt.

By Starfire17
Written 10/02/09