The rock sparkled. Just the way it should as the perfect diamond it was. On the perfect Tiffany setting. Everything was just perfect. There wasn't one strand of hair out of place or a wrinkle on her clothes. She looked as delicate as a china doll.

The perfect future misses.

The only thing out of place in that picture was her smile. Soft and discrete, like Mona Lisa's. Except for one unimportant detail: that smile wasn't real.

Maybe it would have been real, but not after what happened.

He had professed his undying love. Then he wasn't so sure of it. No amount of apologies could have mended her broken heart.

So he made the grand gesture. That would prove there were no doubts. He bought all her favorite flowers in all her favorite colors and when she was surrounded by those, he went down on one knee and did what he should have done a long time ago. They were surrounded by the flower delivery people. All of them waiting excitedly for her answer. She didn't have the heart to say no, to leave him brokenhearted just like that, in such a public way. So she agreed to marry him. They clapped and cheered as the previously mentioned perfect engagement ring was placed on the proper finger. He leaned in, she tilted her head so softly to the side he missed her lips. It didn't occur to him it had happened on purpose, because he saw the perfect and practiced Mona Lisa smile.

Hours turned into days, that turned into weeks and months and the news spread. More people congratulated them, all saying how great it was to see them back together.

The engagement party came. Too soon to her liking. Her mother and his mother were already discussing flowers, wedding cake and many other details she didn't bother to keep track of. Her mind was set; she'd talk to him and end things.

Until he interrupted her by professing his undying love. Again. She half expected him to doubt things another time.

But he didn't.

He seemed to have no doubts, everything a girl could have asked for, but she had doubts. She doubted his words, his feelings and his willingness to fight for the important things.

And, right now, she doubted she could keep the smile on her face all night long, but it was her engagement party.