D.W. Tyn


I do not know if any one receives this message or not but I must be heard. To humans (I do not know if the being watching this message is a human or android or some other lifeform.), this message is what is known as a life story. I do not think that it can be called that considering that I am a year and one half old, but that does not matter. What I am about to say is worth both the future and freedom of an entire planet.

I was created on the planet known as Earth in the year 2057 on a Wednesday afternoon. I was one of four androids. The organization that created us was known as Axiscorp. They named us Project Hitokiri. They named me Kawakami Gensai. My comrades were named Kirino Toshiaki, Tanaka Shinbei, and Okada Izo. We were named after great samurai warriors. We were made to be assassins. We were very good at what we were programmed to do.

The Current Time is March 20th, 2058. The planet is ruled by two rival corporations. One called Unicorp, controls the continents known as North America, South America, and Africa. The other, Axiscorp, which created my comrades and me, controls the continents known as Europe, Asia, and Australia. The continent known as Antarctica is neutral. Both corporations have been fighting over this continent for twenty years now. It has the only source for clean water left on this planet. Over the years, the humans have slowly poisoned the air and water, making it deadly for humans. Except for Antarctica, the whole world is becoming toxic. This phenomenon is known as the "Taint".

In eleven and one half months, my comrades and I had assassinated a total of fourteen- eight men and six women, all enemies of Axiscorp. It was after our ninth mission that the noise started. At first it was just white noise. At first I thought that it was a malfunction with my audio receptors, but the Axiscorp technicians could not find its source. After our next missions, it became louder and clearer. Soon it started to form words, then full sentences. "Are you sure this is your path?" it asked. Another one was, "Try to find the Right Path." I could not explain what it was. The closest thing that resembled this anomaly was what the humans call a "Conscience."

Our last mission is the reason I am recording this message, a final request of a dying man. We were supposed to assassinate one Louis Thorndike, age 69. Thorndike was one of Unicorp's biggest CEOs and a leading official of a group known as The Corporate Council. There was a rumor that he was one of the Generals of a resistance force known as the World Liberation Militia. The WLM are against the concept of corporations taking control of the world's government. Naturally, the WLM is an enemy of both Axiscorp and Unicorp. They believe that both corporations are responsible for the Taint. But the rumor of Thorndike being a WLM General was just that, a rumor, or so we thought.

The plan was simple. We would enter Thorndike's estate at night. His estate was a late 19th century mansion encased in an environmentally controlled bubble that spans 100 acres 50 miles outside a city in North America called Seattle. Because of his health, he had not been seen outside of his estate in 10 years. His estate was very secure: He had guards posted around the bubble and on the mansion grounds; only those with special clearance could get inside. We had forged two Unicorp clearance passes. We could not break in not only because of the guards but there are infrared sensors on the outside of the bubble, on the outside and inside the mansion. Luckily for us we can turn our heat signatures on and off at will, but we had to do that after our access to get inside would be granted. The bubble has two separate environment control centers- one in the mansion grounds and one inside the mansion. The reason for this is because of Thorndike's health; he cannot go outside the mansion. Toshiaki and I were to go in disguised as two Unicorp agents. Shinbei would be a mile from the bubble in a van hacking into the estate's security system to make sure that we were in the system. Izo was nearby with a helicopter for our escape. Once we were inside the bubble, Toshiaki would enter the environment control center on the mansion grounds, go to the air control conduit, and fill it with nerve gas. That would take out all of the security guards on the outside. I was in charge of taking care of the guards outside the mansion. Once I did that, I'd find Thorndike's bedroom and take him out there. The plan was perfect; but there was one detail that was going to ruin the entire mission: the noise.

On the night of the mission, the noise was worse than ever. I could barely concentrate on the mission at hand. The mission was going as planned, until I took out all the guards inside the mansion. Then the noise was making me feel like my head was going to explode. "Do not take this path," it shouted inside my head, "you are on the Wrong Path." When I entered Thorndike's bedroom, he was sitting in an antique arm chair by the fireplace. He looked at me with cloudy blue eyes. "Ah, Right on time, Gensai-san," he said slowly standing up. "I like my appointments to be on time. And since you'll be the last appointment I will ever have in this life, you are no exception." He was wearing a red silk monogrammed bath robe. He was holding a cane with a silver cane head shaped as an Earth animal known as an eagle. He had thinning, gray hair which was expected for a man of his age. He also had a short, well-groomed beard. He had a pale complextion and looked very ill. He had a portable respirator that hovered beside him, giving him air though his nostrils. He also had a small device in his hand. There were three things about this meeting that did not feel right: One was instead of having a look of fear or surprise on his face like all of my past targets, his expression was calm, almost glad to see me. How can a man be glad to see the person who was going to kill him if he knew that that person was going to kill him? Another was that he acted as if he was expecting me. The third and most important was that every time I would try to get near him, he would press a button on the device he was holding and the noise would get louder. It finally got to the point that I could not move.

"How do you know my name?" I asked as I struggled to move.

"Ah, ah, ah! No talking until it's your turn to talk!" He said as he pushed a button on the device that made the noise to somehow make me unable to talk. What he said after that would change me forever: "But I'm glad you asked. But first I'll ask you a question: Does the name Claudia Griswold mean anything to you?"

Claudia Griswold: Age 42 was a master-class hacker that was working for the WLM. She was also my ninth target. She had been hacking into Axiscorp's Research and Development Database for approximately two years. She was believed to have copied at least fifty different projects Axiscorp was working on at the time, including Project Hitokiri. She used a newly-developed, nearly undetectable computer virus called Wraith-XIII. What made Wraith-XIII nearly untraceable was its ability to change from location to location every 48 hours. It took Axiscorp's top computer technicians three months to locate and destroy it. When we entered the abandoned bunker she was hiding in, she must have known we were coming because we could not find a trace of the information she copied. We had believed that she must have deleted it before we got there. I was the one who killed Griswold, but for some reason she shot me with what appeared to have been an Electro-Mag Pistol. It didn't have any effect on me. After she fired, I shot her with my toxic dart gun. It appears that what she used to shoot me with was not an Electro-Mag Pistol, after all.

"Axiscorp was right, you know," Thorndike said, "Claudia did make copies of fifty Axiscorp projects, including Project Hitokiri. She knew she would be found out some day so she thought of a plan: She studied Project Hitokiri's blueprints, found a potential weak spot, made a new strand of Wraith-XIII, and placed it in a charge of a false Electro-Mag Pistol. But she didn't have enough time to make a charge for all four, so she made one shot. When she had everything ready, she sent me this handy little gadget." He proudly raised the hand that held the device as he spoke. "I like to think of this little trinket as a digital doggie-whistle. It controls the intensity of the Wraith-XIII virus inside your systems. It's what's making that noise in your head. I thought up the 'Right Path' part myself. Catchy, isn't it? I thought it would bring some theatrical flair to it."

"Oh I'm sorry," he said with a false apologetic tone, "You can talk now, but that's all. I have to keep you paralyzed."

I realized that I could speak after Thorndike pushed the button. "So it is true," I said, "you are a WLM General."

"Guilty as charged," Thorndike said playfully.

"But why would a formal member of Unicorp's Corporate Council be a World Liberation Militia General without Unicorp even knowing?" I asked.

"What better way to eliminate the enemy than to destroy it from the inside," Thorndike answered. "But the real question you want to know is what does this has to do with you. My answer to that question will be divided into three sections: One: I'm dying. In fact the doctors say that I have until the end of the week. That is why when our conversation is over, you will kill me." He smiled as he said it. "Two: I have information; information for the WLM, so powerful, that it would not only stop the war in Antarctica but would save the world itself from being choked to death by the Taint. It's over there on the nightstand." He pointed at the object on the nightstand beside his bed. It was in the form of an old Chinese puzzle box. "Third," Thorndike stated finally, "and most importantly: I needed someone with the ability to transmit encrypted messages with large quantities of information that couldn't be traced; someone artificial."

"But," I began to speak when he was finished, "why couldn't Unicorp build you one instead of taking an Axiscorp android instead?"

"There was no time," Thorndike said sadly, "In two weeks, what the WLM need to save the world will either be exploited or destroyed by either corporation. And speaking of 'no time,' your friend is on his way up so be a good chap and kill me. After that, take the puzzle box; it has instruction on where you need to go. There is an escape tunnel to get out of the estate through the cellar. There will be a hover-cycle waiting outside the tunnel. I trust you can ride one. I never did like those things. I'm putting your motor function back online, now."

"What makes think I will obey you?" I asked.

"Don't worry," Thorndike smiled weakly, "once I'm dead, the virus will put you on the straight and narrow. Oh, and Gensai-san, do make it quick! I don't like to wait, even for my own execution."

When I regained control of my body, I shot Thorndike with my toxic dart gun. The instant he died, I began to feel unusual; like I was being remote controlled. Then I realized that Thorndike was right: the noise was starting to gain control of my systems. I was fully aware but at the same time I was being controlled. It was as if the virus merged with my systems.

When Toshiaki entered the room, he was pleased to see that the mission was successful. "Excellent, Gensai. Mission accomplished. Now, let's go; Izo's waiting." When he had his back to me, I silently produced my wrist-blade and stabbed him in his primairy function cord, then severing his head which is also his central processing unit. I could not believe what I had done: Not only betrayed Axiscorp, but I also slaughtered my own comrade.

After I killed Toshiaki, I went to the nightstand and took the puzzle box. I realized it was actually a miniature computer in disguise. I linked to it and downloaded the information. When I was finished, I could not believe it. No wonder Thorndike needed me to transmit this information to the WLM.

Then, I went to the cellar and through the escape tunnel until I found the hover-cycle at the end of it. I started it and drove to the place I was instructed to go. It is a secret bunker that the WLM uses once and a while for meetings. This is how I gained access to the WLM's secret feed. The information I am about to give will help save this planet.

Millions of years ago, when the Earth was very young and very healthy, a starship of extraterrestrial origin half the size of a continent crash landed in Antarctica. The aliens, of whom Unicorp classified as "The Benefactors," were explorers. Their vessel contained DNA of the many species they encountered, animal and civilized alike. Somehow, the entire DNA aboard the ship were scattered throughout the entire world. This event caused life to occur on Earth. Three years ago, an Unicorp patrol unit discovered the vessel and within time, learned how to use the technology of The Benefactors. After learning how life occurred on Earth, Unicorp appropriately named the vessel "The Cradle." The most extraordinary thing about The Cradle, and the very hope of Earth is that it also has the ability to clean and purify an entire planet's ecosystem. Unicorp has named this fuction "The Eco-cleaner."

If either Unicorp or Axiscorp controlled The Cradle, they would use its technology for their own gains. The Eco-cleaner might be used as a weapon for either corporation. The information not only shows that I am telling the truth, but it will also show you how to find, operate, and control The Cradle. By sending this message, this will be my absolution. After I send it, I will shut my system down. I hope you use it well. To quote Charles Dickens; "Its a far, far better thing that I do now, than I've ever done before." End transmission.