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I hate dancing, I hate prom, I hate school, I hate school functions. I never really understood why school has to have these things. Whats the point? Give teenagers with sick perverted minds something to do. Its just another reason for all kids my age to lose their virginity and get drunk. Unlike these stupid imbeciles, I actually value my virginity. I refuse to meet up with some guy in a hotel room and have sweaty sex and never see him again.

So alittle about me, my name is Nicole. I am a senior at Lincoln Falls. (A/N: I don't know if this school exist but its just something I came up with)...Sure you can say I'm one of the smart kids. But having an older, by 5minutes, twin brother, has its advantages. I am in the "in crowd". But I stick to what I believe it. My brother is a jock, yeah captian of the football and basketball team. I am the captian of the soccer team. I don't know if that would make me a jock also. I just hate being categorized, I am nice to everyone.

Unlike seirra, shes a nasty biotch. Ofcourse I mean nasty as in shes sleeps with everyone. Shes been trying to get her hands on my brother since freshman year. So what we have money and my father is the best damn lawyer in VA. Also my mother is a doctor. I still refuse to let her get her hands on my brother. Now onward to what I was saying. I HATE PROM! I am a girl but I hate dressing up. I am 5'9, tan, and I've been called beautiful plenty of times. Its just I don't like dresses or anything womanly. I prefer shorts and a tee shirt. My bestfriend Megan has been trying to convince me since Junior year to go to prom. Here it is senior year and I'm getting my hair done. GRR bestfriends.

"I can't believe I'm actually getting you to go to prom" Megan chirped in my ear.

" You're telling me, I don't know what I did for God to punish me"

" Oh quit your whining we'll be done in a jiffy and I promise you, you'll still be living"

Alittle about Megan, shes on the soccer team but she is a girly girl. Not the type that is all eww i got muddy, but the type that likes to act like a girl when its time.

" I highly doubt that, you with a curling iron and you except me to be living afterwards?" I said low, but loud enough for her to hear me.

"Nicole Parker! Do you want me to burn you? Cause I will and you know it" Megan joked.

" ofcourse I don't want you to burn me you crazy ol' woman"

"then hold still or I will"

Some twenty minutes later she had my hair and make-up done. I couldn't believe I let her pick out my dress. I should of known there was a reason she was acting so happy go lucky. My dress was red, it had like sparkles. It was the kind that glistened when you walked. It was strapless, and hugged my figure. It did look great, with my working out for soccer and everything. It's just me and the nothing being girly thing.

" I hate you Meg"

"aww come on Nikki don't be like that towards me. Once all the hot guys see you, you'll be all girlified and happy"

" I am happy Meg, and have you forgotten all the HOT GUYS are like my closest friends"

" Yeah I know this, but you know you want Chase to see you like this"

"no you didn't"

Chase Masterson... well he has been my brothers bestfriend since six grade. I have always had a HUGE crush on him. He was hot, brown hair dark eyes that you could never tell the color of. 6'1" everything I wanted. Too bad he didnt want me. We attempted to date freshman year, thats when I found out he was a player. But hey he's still one of my closest friends and I'll love him too death. I just don't see why Meg wont drop it.

" uh huh you know I did"

" You know if I didn't know any better I would say you are the one that has a crush on Chase" I said smirking..

Blushing Meg said " NO WAY! Why would I like that pig headed bamboo"

" thank you my dear friend for comfirming it"

" NICOLE! Please don't say or do anything to make matters worse"

" Meg you know me better then that"

"yeah you're right, please don't play match maker"

"oh why not? Come on, you both enjoy sex, and you sleep around, so tell me why not sleep around with the king of sex, and him with the Goddess of sex"

" I can't believe you referred to either of us as that, and I have slepted with Chase, he was AHHH-MAZING"

" wow you didn't just tell me that. When?"

" Sophmore year, after I had just broke up with Joey he seen my crying at your party and consuled me, in more then one way. So after I had sex with him I was like danggggg if its this good then I gotta keep going"

" you never cease to amaze me, and why didn't you tell me?"

"cause I thought you'd still like him"

" meg no, I stopped liking him after I realized we were better off as friends and nothing else"

" okay okay lets have this convo later your brother is going to kill us if we are late"

"hehe lets be late then" I joked

Meg smirked "you got it"

Since we were at my house already we told the limo driver to pick us up here, yes we have a limo driver. As we decented my stairs I seen Mark, ( my brother), and Chase. They both look breath taking. I heard Meg giggle behind me and I knew that meant she caught site of Chase and my brother. We both know how they hate to dress up as much as I did. But when they did. They went all out.

"why hello ladies, if I do say so myself you two look rather stunning" Mark commented.

" I will second that motion" Chase piped in.

"guys come on you know its bad enough that I have to dress like this, stop making it worse. I'm still mad that Megan wouldn't let me wear my cleats."

The guys chuckled as we walked out the door.

Once we got into the limo, me being last ofcourse. I asked my brother if we were picking up Melissa. Melissa has been my brothers girlfriend for all of highschool. I love her, she is amazing and shes a total bitch. Just like me, well except I'm nice until you make me mad. Mel just likes being mean to anymore that talks shit about her. Which is alot of people since they all love my brother. Don't get me wrong she has more followers then haters. But when it comes to it, she was always fighting girls off her man.

" what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't pick up my girlfriend for prom?"

" you'd be my brother thats what" I said dryly

" Man nick when are you going to forgive me for that one time I forgot to pick you up from school"

"it was only one time, my car was getting cleaned you wanted to play sick so you and Mel could play tonsil hockey. You get caught up in sex and forget about me!"

" will you please forgive me, you know I didn't mean any harm by it"

" didn't mean any harm by it? Are you serious I had to walk home, IN THE RAIN!. With all these pervs blowing their horns at me asking me for a ride or for how much I cost" Chase chuckled from beside Meg, who had her face in Chase's arm to keep from laughing

" oh don't get me started on either one of you, Chase didn't want to come get me because he said I was getting fat and needed exercise, and Meg was too busy looking for her next victim" I said as we were pulling up to Mel's house.

"calm down squirt I said I was sorry"

"yeah yeah"

We all watched as Mel walked out the door, now that is one beautiful girl. As I meantioned earlier, she was fighting girls off her man, but my brother didn't have it easy either. Always beating up some underclassman for making eyes at his woman. It was rather funny. Her dress was black with white sides. It didn't matter what she wore she made it beautiful.

" Hello kiddies" Mel said as she got in the limo

My brother's eyes hooded over as we all said our hey's "Hey beautiful".

She tried to suppress her smile, but the upturn of her mouth gave her away. " Hello yourself handsome"

My brother leaned in to kiss her. Between kisses he asked " did you miss me"

Mel smiled against his lips, and then preceded to pull back "Mark I just seen you two hours ago" My brother's smile then widened, " well babe you were doing a whole lot more moaning then you were anything else"

I made a face and then glanced at my brother " shut up thats sick. I never thought I'd say this but I can't wait to get to prom"

"well looks like your wish has come true princess" Chase said while laughing.

Once I seen all those people standing outside the school talking to their friends and have yet to make their way inside, my stomach sunk. Now I'd rather be sitting in this car listening to my brother. But then again I am NOT that lucky.

" well get out! " my brother said

"alright alright" I said while stepping out the limo. I swear I heard people gasp when they saw me step out that car.

" what you act like a girl can't wear a dress" I shouted to everyone.

I guess they thought I was joking, they all laughed. I just huffed and started to make my way inside. I heard Meg saying my name but continued inside.

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