To Flirt, or Not To Flirt

by: berf

To flirt or not to flirt: that is the question.

Whether 'tis more fulfilling to exchange

Playful banter between two attractive parties,

Or to protect against a potentially awkward situation

And by refraining save face? To flirt, to couple,

To love; and live forever in that sea of bliss

Which is only attained through the joining

Of two souls. To flirt, to be rejected; nay, to flirt,

To reconsider: ay, there's the rub;

For what if underneath the fancy language

The good man has certain unlivable habits;

And when the attempt to separate is made,

Becomes "Creepy McStalkerpants"?

For who could bear the incessant phone calls,

The disturbing text messages, the continuous drive-bys,

And the unwanted confessions of love

Which such desperate a man would make

As who could not get another date

With some poor girl? Who would risk this living hell

Just for the chance to engage in a brief relationship

With no guarantee of happiness?

Thus some go without a word, or wink, or smile;

And thus live without the risk of annoyance

But without the chance at heaven as well.—Soft you now!

My boyfriend calls. One success out of many mistakes I'll make.