In Love

Your eyes that shine

Oh so bright,

Cause my heart

To take immediate flight.

That smile of yours

Is so sweet.

One smile

Can whip me off my feet.

Looking at you,

Reality slips away.

I'd just like to stare at you forever,

If I may.

You're perfect in so many ways.

Your eyes, your hair, your lips.

I long for your hands

To rest on my hips.

You lips,

So full, luscious and fine,

I'd love it if they

Could just rest on mine.

Your voice, so soft,

Can throw away all my fears.

Please speak to me more,

Whisper in me ears.

Your hands, so gracious,

Rest them in mine.

Lay them there,

for the rest of time.

Every time you're near me,

Each time I see you,

I wish we'd both say the same words;

"I Love You"