One-shot about what makes me bypass the



Situation 1: Met her at school ,ran into her in my first hour class. She was pretty, but it was a generic kinda pretty. She was a face you would see everywhere and not give a second look. Shy, caring, and smart. So I took her to the movies and dinner and whatnot, and asked to see her again. She said yes, and for around three months we dated. Three months, and not even a little bit of the "L" word had left my mouth, though she said it constantly. So, when she said it during a drive home, I responded with an "I L^3 you too." Next day, everything was off. She wouldn't come near me, she wouldn't talk to me. Naturally, I was confused. I asked her why, and all I got was:

"I can't do this anymore. I'm so sorry."


Situation 2: Met her after one of my performances, she was stunning, and my eyes naturally drifted to her, even with the lights in my eyes. I didn't know if I liked her yet, but she sure was something. We hit it off a bit, dinner, a few months later prom, then around ten months later, I did it again. Let her off at her house in Indiana and spouted the relationship-killer words. "L^3 you, see you tomorrow."

Got a call the next day, my 18th B-day of all days, and was told we were through, and she found someone else.


Situation 3: Lastly, I met this girl (I use the term girl in a bad way, because she was immature and bull-headed when it came to morality) through her mother, whom I worked with. She hugged me and asked me to come over to her house to "Hang out" and I did. Nothing went wrong that day. Next week, went back, and then she spouted, oh-so-nonchalantly, that she was not a virgin and she had lost her greatest treasure. That turned me away from her and almost had me dumping her, instead of the other way around. I stayed on and tried to get past my aversion. I almost got over it, and we went to her homecoming. She tried to get me to dance, but me being the uneducated dancer just stood there and let her do the work. It's not like I get out to the clubs much, plus my spine is so damn used to being straight, that it just couldn't loosen up. A few days later, on New Years Day, I let out the evil words.

"I'm afraid to say this, but I L^3 you."

For two days, not a single peep from her. No text, no calls, no nothing. So I decided to call her and see what was up. Tried twice with no answer, and then left a message.

"Let me know when the silent treatment is over."

Got a Text the next hour and she had said: "I can't be with you, I've been hurt too many times by guys."


I saw her mom two days later, and got the real scoop. Her mom, who is still a good friend of mine, said that Kayla, my ex, showed her a picture of a guy that lived near her father. And that she had left her mom and went to live with her father. I saw her a week after that, clinging on the guy's arm. She saw me and mouthed "I'm sorry."

I remained stunned and then got pissed. I walked over to her. When I inquired as to why she didn't tell me the truth, as if I could expect that from her, she said that she didn't want to hurt me any more than she already had. I laughed and grasped the guy's arm and spilled the beans on him.

He just looked at her and pulled himself away. She looked at me with hate in her eyes. I mouthed "I'm sorry" and smiled as I backed away before turning on my heel and getting into my car, peeling out and speeding into town in a mood that can only be described as a blind rage. I've got over it.

But I will never intentionally spill the "L" word, but I will let you know when I'm interested. I just won't say it ouot loud. That's why I never use the "L" word and never have liked Valentines Day since. Call me ridiculous, but I think I'm cursed.