A Friend in Need is a Pencil-Neck Virgin

He wasn't sure how he'd ended up in this situation but somehow his friends had gotten a hold of her—her as in Jamie Peters. She's beautiful; is usually the first thought that comes into a boy's mind when they chance upon seeing her. And that's exactly what Ashlee Cub had thought.

Jamie was curvy in all the right places, had fair smooth skin that looked as soft as a baby's bottom and her hair was wild like an Amazon Goddess. She was definitely beautiful... beyond even that. The red lacey lingerie accentuated every part of her and the black satin duvet flattered her body as a whole.

Alluring, sexy, entrancing... all fused into one beautifully shaped girl.

"So, I'm guessing you haven't done this before?" she asked. Even her voice sounded like velvet—silky and light.

Her dark eyes slowly moved down to his lower area.

Ashlee hoped to God it wasn't doing what he thought it was.

Jamie slightly smirked and he knew that his assumption was true. He felt his face immediately grow hot.

"Well, don't just stand there..." she smiled warmly, caressing the vacant space on the mattress beside her.

Ashlee swallowed. Holy crap! he thought in panic. All he wanted to do was get the hell out of there although Little Johnny(or more like very erected Johnny) was blatantly thinking otherwise.

He hesistantly removed his plaid red shirt, revealing a very faint hint of a six pack on his abdomen. He looked straight to the floor in embarassment, too late to have seen Jamie's pupils dilate at the sight.

"Hurry..." she half-moaned, half-cooed.

His erection seemed to pulse in agreement.

Flushing, he clumsily got out of his pants and nearly toppled onto the bed.

Her laughter filled the air. "Your friends did say you weren't getting any... but I didn't know it was that true." Jamie smirked again, reaching over to pull him up towards her and bringing her slender arms around his neck.

Calm down, damnit! Ashlee mentally ordered his impatient stag.

Her lips brushed his whilst her hands slided down his torso, successfully slipping off his boxers. Jamie clutched onto Ashlee's erection making him groan into her mouth.

"Mm..." she mumbled whilst her hand glided over his length.

Jamie wrapped her legs around him, pressing their bodies together. She arched her back as Ashlee felt himself easily fit into her moist entrance.

At that moment he swore that if he died right now, he would be the most contented person in the world.

Oh, he loved his friends.

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