It was a beautiful, early spring day, with nothing clouding the crisp blue sky. The pack was at rest, happily grooming each other and fixing up the temporary nests and dens. A giant moose carcass lay in the center of the clearing, and was completely picked clean. The famine had just broken, and the wolves loved the feeling of a full stomach.

On this day, she-wolves every where were giving birth to their pups. And on this day, one she-wolf in particular was giving birth to four very important pups. These pups were named Thunder, Song, Cloud, and Hail. The pups suckled hungrily on their mother's plentiful milk, unaware of their future. Unaware of anything except the warm, milky nursery that they lay in and their mother. Such simple lives they lived now…unfortunately, good things never last for the pure hearted.