Chapter Eleven

"I. Miss. Hail." Thunder stormed around in the To-Be den, glaring at the camp. She refused to come out, no matter what Stone offered her. "I want her back." Cloud was staring at the pine branches above her head, utterly bored. She was lying down next to Thunder, joining her strike against the Pack. Song thought that they were being drama queens, but she joined them, too. She was just sorting the herbs she had gotten with Flower over and over again.

"Rain is an idiot," Thunder growled. She continued to glower at the camp and all wolves passing by. The Claws only shook their heads, feeling sorry for them. They didn't try to get them out. They knew that this phase would pass. "Hey, Moon! Clouds! I hate you. Yeah! That's right! I just said something bad about you. I should be banished, too!"

Thunder knew that the comment wouldn't do any good. She had tried it three times before, and only the first time got a reaction out of Rain. He had just told her to shut her mouth and that her plan wasn't working. Thunder, however, was super stubborn and was trying to prove him wrong.

"Evil wolf…"

Thunder saw Cloud sigh and flip over onto her back. Her sister was still gazing at the branches above. They weren't doing anything interesting, except for the occasional movement from the wind. But Thunder knew that Cloud didn't care. It was something else to think about instead of Hail.

Cloud's ears pricked forward. Thunder turned around to look at her sister and then up the tree again. Her icy blue eyes then saw it…a squirrel. Thunder's black tail twitched in excitement; Cloud was quivering. Song looked up the tree, too, but thought the squirrel wasn't interesting and went back to her petals and roots.

"Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel…" Cloud mumbled under her breath as she slowly stood up and went to the base. The brown fluffy rodent gave a small chirp and prowled the branches, oblivious to the danger lurking below. Thunder watched with blatant amusement as her misty sister paced in front of the tree. The squirrel let out another chirp in alarm as Cloud stepped on one of the dry sticks on the ground, giving away what she was about to do. The prey dropped the pine cone it had been holding on Cloud's blocky head, and that was the last straw.

Cloud let out a growl followed by some frantic barking and launched herself up the tree. It was a clumsy process—since no animal related to the dog can climb well—and she was often slipping off the branches as she tried to keep herself up. Thunder was roaring with laughter, as was Song, but the misty wolf paid them no mind. Her thoughts were on the squirrel…she would eat!

Somehow, by sheer luck, the squirrel had gotten caught on a branch. It frantically tried to free itself, but it was too late. Cloud was upon it. With a giant growl and the snapping of jaws, the squirrel was no more. Thunder resumed her post at the entrance, but her glare wasn't as strong. Her muzzle and whiskers kept twitching at the thought of her misty sister's hunt.

"Now that was cool." Cloud padded over to her black sister. She swept a paw across her muzzle, ridding of the brown fur that littered it. "I didn't know I could do that!" Her pale green eyes glowed. "I didn't know that anyone could do that!"

Song took her nose out of her herbs. Her gold eyes widened and she quickly padded towards Cloud. "Wait…did you just climb that tree? And catch a squirrel?" she asked, quickly clarifying that she wasn't just dreaming. Cloud gave a hesitant nod, not sure where her white sister was heading. "Midnight was right…"

Thunder stood up and whirled to face Song. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it! Who's Midnight? I have never heard of a wolf called that." The black wolf quickly stuck her nose into her sister's fur, seeking out a mysterious scent. She came up with nothing.

Song hesitated. "Well…she's this wolf that I saw…and…she's kind of a Spirit….Yeah. She's a dead wolf." Her gold eyes blazed. "I am not crazy, I swear. She gave me this scary prophecy—it mentioned all of the Elements in a way—and then later, she told me the phrase on how one will be banished, the other lost, another one betrayed, and then…one will be dead."

"Whoa! She's a Spirit like Skyy!" Thunder exclaimed. "He showed himself to me when I chased Stone up the mountain…" At her sisters' confused looks at the mention of Stone, she explained further. "It was a test of sorts, I suppose. But then Skyy disappeared. What the heck is going on, Song? Do you know?"

The white wolf shook her head. "No. But Stone does."


"I am the Prophecy Guard. I make sure that no outside force—like a Spirit or Demon—meddles with the events." Stone had entered the To-Be den, looking strong and quite scary. His eyes flashed as he looked at the three that were before him. "I have a basic idea on what is going to happen, and why all these Spirits and wolves of Legends are appearing to you. You life with be very hard, but you must do your duty and save—"

"Gray Pack is attacking!"

Voices yowled from outside the den, and everyone was getting into a defensive position. Stone rushed out, only sparing enough time to snap at the To-Bes to stay where they were. Thunder looked at Cloud, and Cloud looked at Song. The white wolf rolled her golden eyes, knowing that Stone's command would not be obeyed no matter how much sense she tried to knock into her sisters.

The three silently slunk out of the den, watching the wolves rush to the entrance, trying to guard it from the incoming attacks. Cloud made a "Follow me!" motion and walked to the base of the towering stone cliffs that surrounded half of the camp. There was a tunnel hidden by a straggly bush, and Cloud quickly brushed it aside, ushering the other two in. Thunder covered up the tunnel quickly before any of the other wolves could see them escape.

"It leads to the forest," Cloud explained to Song. "Thunder and I explored once. Hail doesn't even know that this exists!"

The tunnels were dark and damp, and barely wide enough for the wolves' broad shoulders to pass through. It twisted in unexpected directions and sloped up and down. Had anyone else been in here, they would have thought that they weren't going into the forest, just back to the camp somehow.

Thunder flicked her paws in disgust. There was murky water pooling on the stone floors and it caused the tight space to smell terrible. The acute eyes of the wolves couldn't penetrate the cave darkness of the place. Maybe that was a good thing…the black wolf didn't want to know why that water smelled so terrible.

When the three wolves turned yet another corner, Thunder squinted. There was a light up ahead. Cloud gave her dark sister a confused look; the tunnels didn't end so soon. "Maybe we made a wrong turn," Thunder said hesitantly. She tried to recall a time where the tunnel split…there was none. "Or the roof collapsed?"

Thunder heard Song gasp, and she quickly looked over to the bright light again. A gray wolf with young, strong features was walking towards them. At the sight of the wolf, Song's tail started wagging and she bounded up to the mysterious stranger. Thunder let out a low growl in warning, though. She could only hope that her sister would be smart and careful.

"Hi!" Song's joyful voice echoed off the stone walls. Then she paused and turned around to her sisters. "Wait. You can see him?" A shocked expression crossed her pretty face. She was clearly confused.

Thunder nodded hesitantly, her eyes still watching the stranger. She couldn't smell him and it made her very wary. He could attack her from behind and she'd never see (or more like smell) it coming.

"I'm Fang," the mysterious wolf said, lifting his proud head. "I've been searching for you, Song. Rumors amongst the Lost say that you can see us." His deep tremor echoed against the stone walls. "Apparently they are true."

Song looked devastated. "Didn't you make it to Sky Pack?" she asked softly. Her expression deepened when Fang shook his head. It was a terrible fate when a wolf never makes it to the rich forests of Sky Pack. The Lost were left to wander the forests alone forever. Very rarely was it by choice. Most of the time the wolf died without a chance to thank the world for the life they had. Battles were a very risky thing, since a lot of the wolves that died in battle didn't have the chance to become a Spirit.

"I lived in the Southern Colony, under the wolf Break. Break didn't believe in Sky Pack, or the Moon and Cloud gods. He brainwashed us. Only now do I realize how stupid I was being…I died in a worthless battle over a small strip of land on the South Eastern coast. I was attacked from behind. Killed instantly."

Thunder padded wearily up to the Lost wolf. She sniffed him quickly before backing away slightly and sitting on her haunches. Her icy blue eyes met his dark green ones and she gave a cheeky grin. "I like you," she said boldly. "I think you're awesome." She then pounced on him playfully and wagged her tail.

Fang darted back quickly, eying the black wolf. His bristling fur slowly lied down on his back and shoulder. "I'm sorry. You probably shouldn't do that."

Thunder looked down at her paws unhappily, before walking up to Song and snorting in her ear.

"I don't understand…" Song began. "How can my sisters see you? I thought that I'm the only one that can." Her stark white fur glowed in the mysterious light radiating off Fang. Her gold eyes flitted around uncertainly, darting between the Lost wolf, Thunder, and Cloud.

"Your powers are becoming more defined," came another voice, one that Thunder recognized. A majestic white wolf padded up to stand beside cloud, ice blue eyes sweeping around to look at every wolf. "You will now see more of the Lost, not just the ones who wish to be found. And Spirits can come to you more freely."

"Skyy!" Thunder exclaimed. She quickly bowed down, touching her nose to the damp stone floor. Often had she berated herself after her first meeting of the legend. The black wolf had not shown the proper respect, and the guilt had haunted her for days.

The gasps of her two sisters met her ears, and they too bowed down, only to stand up at Skyy's request.

"I apologize for any surprise I may have caused you, young ones. I have been alone with only my Pack for far too long." Icy eyes gazed at Cloud thoughtfully. "You…green eyed wolf over there, what is your name?"

Cloud puffed up and looked proud. "I am Cloud, Skyy the Savior." She quickly bowed down again.

"Cloud…you have the mark of the Hunter on you. On your chest, where the dark grey fur meets the light in the shape of a V. Do not be surprised when you catch the impossible."

The misty wolf puffed up, making the mark show up more. Her green eyes glittered in the light from the two Spirit wolves, reflecting a proud glow.

"Thunder, I have met you once before on that fateful day on the mountain top. You show signs of the Warrior, with stiff short fur, large paws, and long claws. You're coat may lead others to believe that you have a dark heart, but if you fight the troubles coming your way, your soul will always be pure."

Finally, the white legend faced the final sister. "Song," she answered quickly, bowing. "Pleasure to meet you, Savior."

Skyy smiled. "You, Song, have the purest heart of them all. Perfect gold, strong, kind…You have an open mind, too, in order to accept those of the Lost and the Spirits that you see. You do not need explanation about your power. You see those that others cannot. You may call upon their help in the direst times, when all hope has gone. But a warning to you. Though open hearts are good, they can lead one into trouble by not finding flaws when it is necessary."

The Savior looked around at the wolves in the tunnel. "Fang," he said. "The Fates have been cruel to you, but light lines your path. Follow it, even when it seems to lead you wrong. Goodness never fails in the end." He paused. "I must leave you now, but look for me when you need me most." In a sudden burst of gold light, Skyy disappeared, leaving the four wolves bewildered, amazed, and blessed.

The wolves stood in silence for a while, each looking at each other, viewing them in a different light. Thunder stuck her nose up in the air, letting a small sigh escape her wolfish lips. Turning herself around, so that the others couldn't see, she quickly picked up a fallen fur that Skyy had shed. Glancing mischievously at Cloud, she tucked the fur away safely under her wet tongue.