Rated: PG
Language: English
Categories: General/Humour
Title: Chase the Thrill
Summary: Once again, it's Raine's birthday, and again, Tamara's going along for the ride. But the question is, can she survive it?

Chase the Thrill

Raine pressed the pedal to the floor and gripped the wheel in her left hand, the right grasping onto the stick shift. That familiar glimmer was in her eyes and a smirk adorned her face.

Tamara's eyes widened completely, and her breath caught in her throat. What had she gotten herself into by agreeing to go with this insane woman to celebrate? And on such an unlucky day, no less?!

"Are you ready, Tammy?" asked the Ruler of Insults, grinning in that Cheshire Cat way she had.

The long-haired woman glanced down at the red material of her cheongsam in a silent prayer for protection. At length, she responded, "Shouldn't we grab MJ and the others?"

"Nah, they'll just cramp our style. Besides, we're meeting up tonight for the real party; today's the pre-cursor. It's all you and me! So, are you ready?"


Raine pressed the pedal down again, and the Mustang Shelby raced out of its spot in Raine's driveway, merging with several close calls into the lane farthest from them. "Here-"




And Tamara's voice echoed down the road way, fear lacing it through every last moment that it lasted.


MJ groaned, scratching his nose in misery. That had come out of nowhere; he certainly hoped he wasn't getting sick. He had plans with Raine, Tamara, and the others later that night! Then again, it would be just his luck. Unless..

"Huh, I wonder who's talking about me.."

"Well, so far today has been pretty quiet." Deputy Jamie Hodges mused to himself, lifting his small mug of coffee to his lips to take a sip.

The scanner had been mostly quiet for the day, so there hadn't been much for his department to do. Even the weather seemed to be in a relatively agreeable mood.

Suddenly, a blue streak sped past his car, and three other cars and two sky cycles had to skid into the turn-off lanes on either side to avoid a serious collision.

On went the squad car's flashing lights and Jamie was off after the speeding vehicle. After a few minutes, the car pulled over and he stepped over to the driver's window.

Raine rolled down the glass and smiled at the man. "Hey, officer." she said, getting her wallet from her purse.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?" replied Jamie, saying more than asking; of course she did. They always did, whether they would fess up or not. So, he continued. "You were going pretty fast, there; are you in a hurry or something, ma'am?"

"No, it's just that today's my birthday and I was going out to celebrate with my friend."

"Where were you headed? And let me see your license and registration."

Handing the wallet to him, and digging around for the registration, she nodded. "The mall. We're on our way to cruise town and go shopping."


"Yeah." the dark-haired girl confirmed. "Me and Tammy are hanging out today. The real party starts later on!"

Jamie paused, blue eyes going wide. Slowly, he inched around to the passenger's side and knocked on the window softly.

When Tamara rolled it down, she slowly turned to face him and her face, pale as it was, seemed to brighten a bit. "H- hey," she managed with a small smile, seeming a bit shakey from the experience of her friend's terrifying driving skills.

As soon as Jamie saw the Ruler of Humour, his face blanched and he felt his heart sink in dread.

No. It wasn't possible; when the spot she had usually hung out at burned down, he could have sworn he would be through with their run-ins! He had been meticulously avoiding conflict of any form with her whenever he'd seen her after she had sought revenge on him for pestering her one night. Coffee was just now starting to taste normal to him again!

Quickly, and with an almost impossible level of fear guiding his actions, he flung the other girl's wallet back into the car to them and ran to his own.

Tamara and Raine watched as the squad car sped off in the direction it had just come from, and then exchanged a look.

Raine mumbled, "What was that all about?"

Her friend shurgged slightly. "Who knows? Maybe he was in a hurry to answer another call..."

"Well, either way, let's get back to the trip. Ready?"

Tamara gripped the seat belt in her hands tightly, her eyes closed as the driver sped back onto the road way. She only opened them again when a familiar melody reached her ears.

"Fifteen minutes left to throw me together for Mr. Right Now, not Mr. Forever. Don't know why I even try when I know how it ends: lookin' like another 'maybe we could be friends'.."

A tiny smile crept up onto the younger girl's face as she began to sing in a harmony part with her friend to the music now blasting on the radio.

In the back of her mind, of course, Tamara was still praying for the patience and grace of Haldominar to survive the encounter, but ultimately, it looked as if it would be a fun day.

~Chase the Thrill