Rated: G
Language: English
Categories: Poetry/Romance
Title: State of Mind
Summary: "So you say we all seem to be lost in this dream. Is this the illusion we longed to believe?"

State of Mind

So you say we all seem to be lost in this dream.
Is this the illusion we longed to believe?
Is it for this futile desire we sell our souls?
Lying deep within the locked memories of an aching heart
the tiny thread of hope that remains is frayed.
"Sanity is a state of mind."

The mistakes of a painful past, magnified by sorrow,
they seem to always repeat themselves, don't they?
Soon this painful mirage will depart, and in its wake the tears will return.
When the world around you doesn't understand,
whose words should we believe?
The promises we worked so hard to obtain
are never the promises kept;
your words are clear and inviting, and yet,..

"I awoke from that dream with your name on my lips."

Even though my heart wants so badly to believe it,
the colours of hope are often brighter than the pallet of reality.
They always swear to be everything you could want
and foolishly we allow our hearts to be lead on.
Yet, as the imaginary world of happiness crumbles around you,
still you cling to the belief of an unanswered prayer
and the wish that their words could be true.
{If only once.}

"Though we are always alone in the end.."

There is a weakness that thrives in the heart of misery-
a fragile feeling we cradle safely in our hands,
fighting to defend our dying childhood dreams.
Your fears feed the weakness
and though you can barely breathe in this illusion,
you struggle to prove a worth you know you don't have
to a heaven that might not exist.

"I've lost sight of the beauty life once held."