Here I am standing again

at the edge of the cliff.

I'm looking at the same old scene.

The sky is clear above me

and blue as blue can be.

The sea is clam and tranquil

in the far distance in front of me.

The rocks churn the waves

into a rage as they roll in below.

I wonder what will happen this time

when I take the step that will bring me over the edge.

So many things could happen,

and yet so many thing already have.

This time is different then the others.

I am not the same as I was the other time

I stood at this ledge and took that fateful step.

I now have earned the right of something new,


So I wonder as I stand here,

how will this change the end?

I could have learn to fly

and take off toward the heavens.

I could have learned to float

and keep walking toward the sunrise.

I could have changed nothing with what I learned

and plummet to the rocks below.

I lift my free hand up ward

to feel the breeze

and fill my chest with one more breath.

I look to my side

where you are holding my hand

and together we step across the ledge.