Very shiny.

Oh, so pretty.

The light reflecting off the shiny metallic surface of his wristwatch kept distracting me from my schoolwork.

The light played very nicely off his large tan hands. It crawled up his arms as he wrote his notes to show his muscles off very nicely.

I don't get it. Yesterday he was nothing to me but my brother's best friend. But today…

Argg. I'm supposed to be doing calculus, not staring…ok drooling… at him. The guy that I've known for how many years? Oh yeah, my whole freaking life.

Jeesh, hasn't he realized that people can't wear shiny things around me? I really can't help it; I get so engrossed in the shininess that I can't focus. He knows this! Why must he torture me?

And he doesn't even notice, he just keeps on writing his notes while I'm sitting here, losing my mind because of a stupid, dumb, and rotten, but very pretty watch. Grrrr.

I wonder what it tastes like. Can you taste shiny? I wonder if it tastes like rainbows…if I knew what rainbows taste like…I could find out.

Ok Marie, distract yourself from the shiny pretty delectable, godly object. Think of puppies, umm collars, umm Goths wearing collars, black clothes, tattoos, lip rings, shiny, oh fuck SHINY PRETTY WATCH!


I will have it.

Plan, need a plan. Umm, ok. After class is over get out really quick and hide in the empty classroom that's on the way to the cafeteria. Then as Dante, aka shiny watch guy, passes, reach out grab his arm and steal the watch.

Ah ha. Perfect. A foolproof plan…my last one didn't work out so great though. Oh well, this one has no flaws. NO FLAWS at all.



Ok, that's the bell, SCRAM Marie run run run.

Ok, into the classroom, put down books, hide by door. Check, check, check. All done.

Now wait.

Ok there he is. Oh the shiny. My precious. Oh cantaloupes I sound like that really creepy thing from lord of the rings.

Oh well… there he is.

Closer, closer, closer…

I snagged the arm and pulled on the watch, dragging the shiny back into the room with me.

I licked it. Hmm, the shiny tasted a lot like metal. But metal tastes good. I licked it again. And again. Then my tongue hit the skin that was beneath the shiny piece of heaven.

I looked up. And met and pair of hazel eyes that had an eyebrow cocked over one of them.

"Hi?" I offered.

"Marie." He shook his head. "May I ask what you're doing?"

I glared at him. "It's your entire fault. You should know better than to wear shiny, pretty things when I'm around."

He just looked at me.

I glared again and turned my attention to the clip on the watch.

Hehe. I clicked it open and did a victory dance as I felt the smooth cold metal slid off his wrist and into my hands.

I danced my way over to the window and stared at the shiny when the light transformed it into a moving spectacle of fantastic life.

So engrossed was I in the shiny object that I didn't notice Dante come up behind me. I did notice when I turned my head to better see the shininess and the top off my head bumped into a warm solid object. I glared up at him.


"You stole my watch."

"No, I borrowed without permission."

"Give it."

"My my, aren't you demanding.


"Didn't your mommy ever teach you any manners?"

His body kept coming closer to me.

Closer and closer until I started backing up.

I hit the wall and he kept coming.

He settled his body against mine, pinning me to the wall. He put his arms on either side of my head and leaned down towards my face.

Shiny. Flash of shiny.

"Can I have it back now?"

Shiny moved when he talked.

My gaze followed the shiny until I realized what it was.

"When did you get a lip ring?"


Shiny moved again. I whimpered.

Shiny. Must resist.

Shiny metal taunting me.

I gave in.

Leaning forward I licked the shiny ring.

Tasted like metal.

Licking it again, I smiled.


I froze.

Pulling back I realized what I had just done.

I had just licked my brother's best friend's lip ring. Which is attached to his mouth?

Please somebody kill me now.

His hand grabbed my chin and forced my head up.

I sheepishly met his eyes.

Pretty eyes they are too, very comforting, and nice hair, very black, the type to run your hands through. My gaze slid down his face. Nice nose still got the bump from when I broke it in fourth grade, great strong chin, very manly. Five o'clock shadow, pretty lips with a shiny ring.

I looked back up to see him looking at my lips.



"What are we doing?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm about to kiss a pretty girl."

"Wha-I was cut off by his lips crashing down on mine.

He moved his mouth possessively over mine, scorching my lips with the heat.

My god he was good at this.

I felt my knees give out and his arms wrapped around my waist to keep me up.

He lifted me up and I locked my legs around his waist and ran my hands through his shaggy black hair.

His tongue demanded entrance and I gave it to him.




"Did we really just make out for an entire period?"





"Why did you get a shiny lip ring? You knew it was going to torture me."

"That's exactly why I got it."

"But why?"

"So you would make the first move so I wouldn't have too."

"Why didn't you want to?"

"You brother made me promise not to."


Silence again.



"Do you like me?"



"Are you ok with me liking you?"


"Just maybe?"


I got distracted by the shiny ring.

And licked it again.

Guess what that led to.