Angsty little poem that was penned during one of my bad moods. My poetry is sucky; criticism is always appreciated.


The Heartless Mile

The dankest hole in the world
Is the demon-place I lay my head
Lying on my side as I admire my hand:
A hapless conglomerate of flesh and bone
with nails that long to scratch the stones

There is no vice to provide reprieve
No drink or drug or damage to bleed
No escape save the bliss of sleep
No strand of emotion worthy of keep

The deviant veins of my palm
Are sunken promises without a dawn
The hot air clots around my throat
Yet the will is weak with hopeful doubt

With leaden heart, I breathe again
Wishing for eyelids sewn to skin
Sure of nothing but the cycle
And the loveless, lifeless, heartless mile