I stood straight and swiftly turned around to be met with those green eyes that I had loved and that had broke my heart.

He didn't look the way I remembered. He seemed unsteady on his feet. His skin was deathly sallow and his face wasn't freshly shaved as it always used to be. His hair was flat and untouched, not spiked with wet look gel

"Sir" I croaked.

He laughed dryly and cleared his throat.

"I'm not your teacher anymore sailor. Call me Gerry. What are you doing here?"

I thought for a minute trying to think of the answer, but my mind was muddled, with Mr. Sutton standing in front of me.

"Em…my brother fell and hurt his back"

"O that's awful. Is he ok?"

"Yea he'll be fine. He just cant move. Stupid idiot" I laughed.

"Well as long as he'll be ok"

"Yea, so sir why are you here?"

"Well, remember I told you about my knee? Yea I kinda did it in again."

"O my god, are you ok?"

"Yea, I just got a bit angry and I went for a run and fell and snapped it again, because I'm such a genius." he laughed.

"O god sir. Do you need to sit down? Come on sit over here" I said gesturing to the very uncomfortable and cracked seats.

"Em, well my room is just down there, so you could just come in with me."

"Yea, ok. Here I'll help you." I said wrapping my arm around his waist.

"Thanks Serenity" he blushed.

We walked to his room and I helped him lie back on the bed. He showed me his bandaged knee and my heart ached with love and sympathy.

We talked for about an hour about things I've been doing since I left school, catching up. It felt like we were really close, again. But I did bare in mind the last time we were close, my heart got ripped out, so I was slightly wary.

I told him all about my travels, where I've been and where I've been working.

He stopped laughing after one story and stared at his fingers.

"So you did take that advice I gave you"

"Sir, you gave me a lot of advice, which piece specifically?"

"Remember you were freaking out before the mocks and I told you that life will just pass you by if you don't start living it"

"That's right sir, you were the one who inspired me to go to travelling, and see the world" I said quietly.

"God sir remember our long talks we used to have, I really miss those"

"I know, I never did have a student who I could really talk too like I did with you"

I nodded and I could sense he knew something was up.

"But then I went and ruined it all" he sighed.

I looked up and tilted my head slightly.


"Serenity, I know I hurt you…"

I could feel heart tense up.

"Sir, I don't know what your talking about…" I said shrugging it off

"Serenity" he looked at me from over his glasses. "I know that brave exterior is all fake, I've known you too long!"

"Sir, please…"

"I just wanted to apologise, I never meant to hurt you"

He was gradually opening a wound that I had sown up and locked deep within my memory.

I couldn't speak so he continued.

"You know I would never hurt you, you of all people know I would do anything in my power to keep you from being hurt and I have to an extent. I know that sounds a bit oxymoronic, that the one person who tried to protect you, ended up hurting you in the end." he said with sorrow