Let the bright yellow ball

That defines the end of the day

Fall just beyond the horizon

Melt into shades of gray

Everything becomes a little clearer

Without the blinding light

Who needs the sun or the moon

When I can see your eyes

Past this damned reality

Back to my December reverie

Sheets of ice and snow enveloped the ground

Beneath our running feet

My lungs ached as I continued the chase

In our pursuit to home base

My team had just kicked

We were down by two

I was so confident I'd score

But my snow flurried vision shielded you

Our snow braced fall

Was far from eloquent

But none of it really mattered;

It was the first time our eyes really met

I don't know who leaned in first

Or what set things in motion

All I know that's set in stone

Is that we finally made a connection

Pulling away from his lips

It was like the clarity started to fade

I realized the haze of the sun penetrated

Marking the start of a new day

Past this damned reality

And into my December reverie

I was robbed of my melody

And pushed back into my blood stained purgatory