What to do,

What to do

When he's all I ever think about.

His face is all I see,

His warm touch is all I feel,

His soft lips are all I yearn.

Oh woe my love,

Why must I perish

This distance

That is so far from you?

Oh my love,

How much I miss you

Every second,

Of every minute,

Of every hour,

Of every single day.

My love...

And yet,

I feel as if you feel the same

About me.

When you said those

Sweet, sweet words:

"I love you",

Then gently kissed me.

How I want to hear you voice again,

How I want to see you face again,

How I want to feel your warm touch again,

My love...

I cannot bear the fact that we

Are so far apart

But yet I feel as if you were

Close to my heart.

You are the reason

That makes me want to get up,

The reason that makes me want to survive

The world around me,

Oh woe my love.

This godforsaken world

That is crumbling,

And I with it

But yet...

You saved me

From falling

Into the deep pitch black darkness

Of the underworld

That wishes to consume me.

You saved me

From the world

And from myself.

My love...

I will love you forever

And not a day less...