Author's note:

I had already written a story similar to this, but it didn't flow very well and was a bit too fantasy based. Then some lunatic hacked my account and deleted it. Didn't matter though, I didn't like it anyway xD. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who reviewed it, I have taken all your comments into account. I've rewritten the beginning of this story, adding in a prologue, as you can see. Hope you like this version better than the last :)


If only I'd known what I was getting into when I took Lady Hera's offer, then I could've stayed home and hid under my bed. For a long, long time.

If only I'd been able to sense the trouble that had been coming, I wouldn't be stuck in this mess right now.

If only I'd used my common sense and run away as fast as possible when I'd heard that woman's name!

If onlyI'd been more powerful.

If only I hadn't taken that job.

If only…