The whole damn nightmare began about three months ago on a sunny, warm winter's day. I guess I should've seen it coming, what with the ominous weather and all, but I was so caught up in my 'How to Create Worlds for Dummies' manual that I didn't really notice anything. So far, I'd been able to open my Ionian Rock and was in the process of translating the various inscriptions inside so I could figure out which one was the spell needed to create a world, [which is much more complicated than it sounds, mind you] when the doorbell rang.

All of a sudden my fingers were tingling and my breath had caught in my throat. Something bad was outside, I just knew it. Nevertheless, I went to answer the door anyway. Business had been strangely slow lately, especially for winter, when people are usually lining up for my services. Besides, who was I to pick and choose between my customers? I'm not good or evil; merely a humble parapsychologist and part-time warrior. I basically work for whoever offers the most money. Unfortunately, it's usually only evil that can afford me. What can I say? Crime pays.

I stood behind the door, trying to use my divination powers to sense what was on the other side, but all I could feel was a gigantic dark aura looming up above the frame. Whatever it was, it was big, and it was powerful. I had two choices: use my other power to set whoever it was on fire, or open the door. I chose to open the door. What I did not expect was an angelic, cherub faced little boy to be standing outside my door, smiling up innocently at me. I blinked. Then it dawned. 'Oh shit,' I thought, 'a hell child.'