If you were to be reality in falseness

Would it be better or worse

Than to be falseness in reality?

Both bear a feeling of not belonging there

One a gust of mist fading in and out of existence

Ghostly mirroring what is witnessed

Brief in a world of length

Or shall you be

Lengthy in a world of brevity

We couldn't tell where he began

Because it was hidden by where he ended

And quite well for being untouched

There are sirens outside

And where they go is where I stay

Always watching just to believe

He is the answers

He will show us the way

But He is not God

The world should burn quickly

We're leaves in a campfire

Sparking and catching the logs aflame

Then we're ash rolling down the hillside

Once we hit the stream

We'll keep your clothes clean

The words should lose meaning soon

Nothing craves emptiness

Like a lost soul

It is not God

It brought death

To birth life

It is not God

But it killed

To save