Hello all this is my first story on fiction press and I hope that I can give you all a good story. I'll give you a basic rundown of how this will play out, the first three chapters are all prolouges about my main characters and what they're doing before they enroll at the Mercenary Academy, it sounds corney I know but it's cooler that it sounds. Anyway we should get started now. The setting id the Dark Elf planet Ferosi, there will be multiple planets and races in this story, I hope you enjoy how hard I've worked to create them.

Prologue – Kaidan

Kaidan sat on one of the large roots of the Dusk Tree that formed the Twilit Cavern below him as the wind ruffled his short, razored white hair with its burgundy streaks and slight spiky nature, the contrast with his tan skin making him all the more exotic. He wore a loose fitting tunic made up of autumn leaf colors and a matching pair of pants, the breeze blew them against his toned body. His boots were made of light brown leather with dark orange designs dancing all over them. He gazed out over the City of Eternal Twilight with liquid dark amber eyes, its buildings made from a mix of nature and artificial ingredients. The wood, stone and metal blended seamlessly to form the buildings that fit so well with the forest around them. The buildings were no taller than the trees around them, but the trees were some of the tallest that grew anywhere in the galaxy. The city itself was beautiful as it was bathed in the amber light from the setting sun. Many magical runes could be seen softly glowing on the streets and houses below. Kaidan sniffed the air and took in the smells in the air. Spices were prevalent at this time, the families and restaurants were cooking dinner that was to be served soon, but he could also smell the natural forest air and the many animals that were now within the Twilit Hollow, bathing themselves in the mystic water that came down from the mountain far above where he sat. And he could smell the exotic and enticing scent that he and the other dark elves gave off, he always loved the smell of his brethren, well half-brethren anyway. He sighed and a wave of depression rolled over him.

"Rethinking your decision?" a familiar deep and articulate voice asked him. He turned around and saw Zane, his adoptive father, the king of the dark elves standing on the large root with him. Though he was Zane's adopted child, their relationship was nothing like that of a father and son; no, their relationship was one of the closest friends who trusted each other with everything. Zane was tall and well muscled man, with the characteristic dark tan skin of the dark elves. He had short dark blonde hair that went into sideburns that eventually led to a short and well trimmed beard. He had red markings underneath his deep maroon eyes. He was very dashing man. The wind rustled his tunic, all the colors of the autumn leaves, and his light brown pants, leaving only his dark orange sandals alone. He walked over and sat down next to Kaidan.

"No Zane, while I love this place and will miss it dearly during my absence, I know that I must venture out into the world at some point." Kaidan replied. "I want to know who I am, why I always feel like there's something important I have to do, and why I still wake up screaming in the middle of the night and I can't remember what I'm afraid of." He continued. "I also want to find out more about my abilities, hopefully the Merc Academy can help in that matter as well." He finished.

"Well I can't say that I'm happy to see you leave, but I know that this is something you gotta do, and I'll help you as much as I can." Zane stated. "And you'll always be welcomed here, because this is your home." He continued, putting a muscular arm around Kaidan. "You know everyone will miss you, I'll miss you the most, but there are four others you need to spend some time with.' He said.

"Who?" Kaidan asked. But then he felt them, the familiar presences that he had spent so many days with, running through the forest, playing around, training with until they almost fainted from exhaustion and helping those that needed it. He turned and saw the rest of what he called his family.

"How dare you forget us?" A young and beautiful dark elf girl asked him, her hands on her hips and a look of slight annoyance on her face. Her shoulder length burgundy hair with red streaks flowed with the breeze. The hot red markings under her blood red eyes were noticeable on her skin, they we like ghostly wisps moving across her upper cheeks that had been frozen in place. The mascara she wore was a warm orange color and accented her lotus shaped blood red eyes. She wore a dusky colored long sleeve shirt that opened up like a starburst flower at the ends of the sleeves and at the bottom; she wore a dark red vest covered in orange-yellow designs over it. At her waist a pleated skirt made of many dusky colors that changed as the skirt went down, starting at a dying sun yellow and ending in a wine colored red. She wore a pair of high sock that went up to her knees, they are a pale red at the tops that eventually faded into white. The socks went into a pair of short dark red booties on her feet.

Next to her stood a boy who like her was in his teen years. He had the same burgundy hair as the girl but had dark purple streaks in it instead was cut short a slanted forward. He had dark purple markings underneath his eyes that accentuated their lightning purple color, the marks were jagged and looked like frozen lightning had been tattooed on his upper cheeks. His body was tall and lean, nut not lacking muscle. He wore a short sleeved peach colored tunic with a golden vest over it. He wore a pair of dark yellow pants that went into a pair of boots made of light brown leather. He stood in a relaxed manner, an almost carefree look on his face.

The other girl that stood next to the one who had talked, she was not a dark elf like the other two. No she was human, a human with light tan skin and long very light brown hair that went down to the small of her back, all of it silky smooth and flowing freely in the breeze. She wore a sleeveless one-piece shirt and skirt that went down to her knees and opened up into large triangular spikes. It was colored the colors of the current skies, as if the twilit time had been captured and printed onto her clothes. On her feet she wore a pair of small deep maroon heels with a pair of deep purple socks that went up to her knees. Her ice blue eyes stared at him with a warm compassion balanced by a familiar seriousness. She stood in relaxed manner as well, her hands behind her back.

And standing in front of the rest, coming up to the girls' abdomens was a beautiful albino blood tigress. This blood tiger was special not just for its white fur but also for its psychic abilities that allowed it to commune with any creature it wished. Her coat was full and sleek, the twilight tinting it ever so slightly and showing off its luster. The tigress stood in a proud and powerful manner, only the scarf tied around her neck with the symbol of the dark elves showed her tameness, other than her eyes, which blazed with a fierce intelligence.

"Miakis, you know I could never forget you." Kaidan replied, standing up and walking over to the group. "I could never forget any of you." He said as he stood in front of them.

"We know that, my twin sis is just really upset you're leaving." Miakis's brother commented, a smirk on his face.

"Lloyd!" she yelled, slamming her arms by her side angrily.

"What, it's the truth." He replied. Miakis's eye twitched slightly and then hopped up and did a quick 360 kick aimed toward Lloyd's face. He ducked and went to hide behind the long haired human girl.

"Rinoa please save me!" He mock pleaded, crouching in fake terror of his twin sister.

"You two stop now, is this really how you want to spend our last few days with Kaidan?" she asked in a harsh tone. Her voice made Miakis calm down and Lloyd stand up. Kaidan had been chuckling the whole time; this was regular behavior for them. The pattern of Lloyd pooping off, Miakis trying to kill him, then Rinoa calling them down and both them still giving each other a pissy look that would go away within minutes.

"I wouldn't have my last few days with you guys any other way." He stated looking at the mall.

"Still they really do need to grow up." a female voice echoed. He looked down at the albino blood tiger. He chuckled and bent down, patting her head.

"Where would be the fun in that Amaterasu?" he asked her, she got a vexed look on her face, her eyes doing most of the expressing. He smiled and embraced her head and neck. He snuggled his face into her lustrous and soft fur, taking in her scent, she smelled of the forest…and blood, she had been hunting recently. He was always amazed at how regardless of her hunting habits, her white fur was always clean, but that was Amaterasu, always beautiful, regardless of the situation.

"What did she say?" Miakis asked with annoyed look on her face.

"Huh, oh it was nothing." Kaidan replied, trying to avoid another…episode.

"I hate it when she does that, only letting you know what she's thinking; probably saying something nasty or smart-alecky about me wasn't she?" Miakis ranted. Amaterasu cut him an exasperated look, her eyes talking again.

"At least she's not a complete idiot." Amaterasu remarked, opening her mouth and letting out a giant yawn that exposed her large, pearly-white and razor sharp teeth.

"That wasn't nice." Kaidan chastised her. She did the best shoulder shrug a blood tiger could and then she walked over to Zane, who scratched behind her big pointy ears.

"What did she-" Miakis began to rant and rave, but Rinoa cut her off.

"Miakis." She snapped, and Miakis calmed down, grumbling something inaudible, but unmistakably foul-mouthed.

"The Autumn Festival will be starting soon and this will be your last one for awhile." Rinoa stated, melancholy leaking into her voice.

"Yeah, it's too bad you won't be here for the Winter Festival, I had the cutest outfit picked out, all the blues and white would really have dazzled you Kaidan, I guess I'll just have to send you some pictures." Miakis sighed. Lloyd walked over and put his hand on her shoulder, flashing a goofy smile that made them all laugh.

"They're right though, we should get going, after all I'm the king, and they can't start the festival without me." Zane said nodding his head and then letting out a booming laugh a few seconds later. Kaidan smiled, he loved that laugh. He looked down and noticed that a small orange flower was growing beside his foot on the root.

"Oh, this wasn't here before." Kaidan commented as he bent down to look at the flower.

"My my, it's a Midna's tear, this is quite a rare and precious flower, perhaps it's the Dusk Tree's way of saying bye." Zane suggested.

"Really?" Miakis asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Well the tree is sentient; it just doesn't really have a way to communicate directly with us directly." Zane stated. He bent down and touched the flower. Suddenly the flower burst open, revealing it's large and velvet smooth petals that gradually change from orange to red as they went closer to the center of the flower. Zane then touched the flower as a he emitted a rainbow light from his finger. The moment he touched the flower again there was a flash of light. Then Zane was standing up again, with Midna's Tear completely encased in a thin layer of clear crystal, now forever preserved from the march of time.

"Thank you, Zane." Kaidan said, taking the crystallized flower from him. He looked around at them all and then down at the city. "We'd better get going, the festival will start soon." He said. The others nodded. He bent down and whispered "Thank you, Dusk Tree." Kaidan then stood up and jumped off the giant root, onto another giant root only a few meters lower. Miakis, Lloyd and Amaterasu followed him, talking about something.

Only Rinoa and Zane were left behind.

"Sir, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask a question." Rinoa requested.

"You may and please, don't be so formal with me." Zane stated, waving his hand in the air dismissively.

"Yes sir," Rinoa replied, Zane shoulders sagged a bit, "I want to know why it is that we cannot simply accompany Kaidan on this venture, why is it that we must watch over him from the shadows, it seems very deceptive."

"Because, Kaidan wants to do this on his own, to go out into the galaxy and experience things, also because I want to keep his identity as my adoptive son a secret for as long as possible, and being constantly escorted by three very high-level royal guardians and an albino blood tiger does not inconspicuous make." He answered simply.

"I see, I don't like deceiving him, but if it's for his own good, I'll go along with it, but if letting our existence be known is a safer course of action for Kaidan then I will not hesitate to defy your orders, protecting him is my highest priority above all else." She stated and then she turned on her heel and began to descend after the others.

Zane smiled and said to himself "I think that Kaidan is probably the safest person in the galaxy as long as those four are around." He then looked at the city below him and then he raised his hand and slashed it through the air, he teleported away in a flash of purple light.