"Ayame Kouseka, my my you've improved since the last time I saw you, you're actually able to use that technique now, your family always did have a knack for their jutsus." A man with vibrant red and orange hair who seemed to be the leader of the pack of ninjas stated.

"Jirai….I thought they took you off the search squad for unnecessary force and killing the targets." Harumi or Ayame, as that appeared to be her real name said. She took up her kodachi and held in front of her saying, "I will not allow myself to fall to scum like you."

"Harumi, err Ayame, what's going on here?!" Kaidan asked as he stood up.

"Please Kaidan, all of you run, I do not know if I can defeat them all and I don't wish for any of you to be hurt." She stated as she began to glow with her chakra.

"We're not going anywhere, anyone who would attack one of us is as good as dead." Recato stated and then he looked over at Reymundo. "I assume you didn't expend much energy in today's fight, so please help me if you would, I will watch your back if you do the same for me." Recato said; Rey looked at him for a second and then nodded. Then without warning Recato disappeared in a cover of darkness, apparently small talk was not on his mind. He reappeared, emerging from the darkness in the center of a group of ninjas, the darkness bursting out in large spikes impaling each of them through the chest, precisely in the heart. "We don't play here." Recato said as he dispeared again.

As Recato did this Rey charged at the front flanks of the ninja mini-army, his claws outstretched and pupils narrowed to feral slits. The ninja's charged at him katana draw; in a display of raw strength Rey slashed the first ninja he came to with his claws, creating deep gashes in the ninja's left arm and pex and sending him flying into the lake. The other ninja's attempted to double team him, they slashed at him from both sides; Rey flipped over their attacks and as he did so grabbed both of their heads. The with an enraged growl slammed their skulls into each other, breaking them open like eggs. Bits of cranium, brain and other matter contained in the head flew from the impact zones, onto him and the grass. He let out a bloodlust roar as the scent of blood put his feral side in high gear.

He fiery haired ninja sighed and said, "Generic ninjas are so useless unless it's against another generic force of some kind." He however did not move as he continued to watch the Ayame, his eyes shifting to the people around her occasionally.

"We need to go help them." Kaidan insisted as he began to move forward, but a fair skinned arm grabbed his tan one and held him back. He turned to see Linda shaking her head and pulling him back.

"They are obviously after Ayame, the fact that we are clustered around her is stopping the main one from trying anything, on top of that if we started fighting up and close as well this fight will become even more chaotic...please stand back and let me work my magic as sniper.' She explained as she released his arm. Kaidan took his position in front of the crouched Ayame once again as Linda fluidly moved her arms out to her sides and opened her hands wide. "Overkill." She whispered and at the tips of each of her fingers small bright blue orbs appeared, each of them causing vibrations in the space around them from the sheer power they held within them. She then raised her right hand and formed a hand-gun with her thumb and index finger. "Shoot." She said as she moved her thumb down and the orb positioned at her index finger rocketed off at went straight through the head of a ninja who was sprinting at Reymundo, the ninja's body being knocked into the air as a hole was punched through his skull and spinning before coming to the ground. Her eyes cold as ice, Linda fired the remaining nine orbs through the heads of the other ninja, one of them hitting 2 ninjas head, one right after the other. As she did this she moved her body gracefully, getting the perfect aim for each shot, the fluid movements of her sniping looked as if it was some beautiful ceremonial dance of death, the sacrifices for this ceremony being anyone her who had the misfortune to fall into her line of sight.

As she did this Kaidan watched Jirai closely, he contemplated attacking him, but he did not want to take on a opponent that was more powerful than himself when he would have to worry about protecting others. When Linda finished, she kneeled down and breathed heavily, panting out "That technique is still under construction."

Ayame stood up and pulled out her blade saying "I will kill Jirai, please step back."

"I don't think so, if you do you'll die or one of us will die trying to save you." Mystina said , glancing at Kaidan.

"Don't worry Ayame, I'll fight him for you, I won't lose." Kaidan said and he disappeared in flash of burgundy light before anyone could attempt to stop him.

Then without warning he appeared above Jirai, a large orb of energy held on his hands. He plummeted downward towards Jirai, whose eyes were still on Ayame, he wasn't even bothering to look where Kaidan had disappeared to. "Do you really think that's going to work?" Jirai asked the air before turning around and shooting a roiling burst of fire right at Kaidan. The flames engulfed him entirely and then to Jirai's surprise from behind him he heard a whispered "No." Without warning an open palm collided with his back, in the area of where his heart was. A burst of yellow-orange light erupted from Jirai, the outline of Kaidan's hand could be seen on the flesh of his torso even through his clothes and his facial features froze as theywere, his breathing temporarily stopping.

"Arrogance and cruelty shall be your downfall." Kaidan said as he spun and struck Jirai in the stomach using his elbow. He launched his fist upward and the back of it connected with the ninja's face, he then artfully jumped and spun at the same time, the side of his foot connecting with Jirai's face and sending him flying into the nearby lake.

Kaidan quickly took a stance putting one of his hand out in front of him, the other drawn back, his feet planted firmly upon the ground as he waited for the counter he knew would come.

Reymundo and Recato where the center fighting off what seemed to be an infinite supply of generic ninjas, the had a acquired a few cuts from the occasional cheap shot, but their injuries were minor and affected their combat performance in no way, shape or form. Recato moved quickly from ninja to ninja, using his own raw strength to punch through the chests of the ninja and rip out their hearts leaving only a bloody hole, to completely sever their heads from their bodies with one well placed chop of his hand the stump spurting blood for a few a few seconds before the headless body fell to the ground. He moved through them so easily, the darkness around him slowly becoming less black as he used more and more power, as he back flipped over a ninja attempted katana a katana strike he gathered a large amount what was now dark gray energy and slammed into the ground. From all around him tentacles of the energy came up from ground and attacked the ninjas, those who were not fast enough were stabbed through the heart and head by the tentacles, those fast enough to dodges the first ones were soon grabbed by multiple others and subsequently ripped apart, blood and the guts that had been traumatized enough to fall from the bodies did and the smell of death and blood increased.

While all this went on Reymundo was killing just as many ninjas as Recato, he plowed through them, his white hot claws melting the steel of any weapon they tried to block his attacks with. His claws ripped through the steel like warm butter and ripped through the ninjas just as easily. No liquid blood spilled from them as he slashed them into ribbons. Only a barely noticeable vapor of blood was all that came from their wounds, and as Reymundo breathed in this vapor, his blood lust increased to dangerous levels. With the rapid rise in his instinct to kill his body began to shake violently and he hunched over. A few seconds later as the ninjas saw a chance to strike he stood back up and flung his arms out with a howl. Golden flames erupted from him and scorched everything within distance of their blast radius from his body. Nothing was left of the ninjas, the ground was completely scorched, a crater had actually been formed around Reymundo from the fire. Reymundo hopped out of the crate, seemingly unaffected by the large amount of power he had just expended and then continued to kill.

Recato's eyes could not be ripped from the Lycan, had he just used…no it was not possible Halsey would have told him if one had been made. Shaking these thoughts aside Recato shoved his hand through a ninjas head and then flipped over him, his heel coming down so hard on another ninjas head that it snapped off. For ninjas…these guys were pretty damn weak. Recato breather a deep sigh and formed a ball of dark grey energy in his, then his face screwed up in concentration, the energy returned to black. Then he shot it off at a ninja that charged him head on, it hit the ninja and blew up sending flows of black at other ninjas around the victim of the first attack. Recato smiled and continued to fight using insanely powerful physical attacks, he couldn't afford to be exposed.

"This isn't going to end anytime soon…you are both of ample ability to protect her, I will give you and the others cover." She stated as she jumped into a nearby tree. She proceeded to climb to the top of the tree and then stood looking down at the fray below her. She reached out her hands and spread her fingers wide whispering, "Overkill." Bright blue energy traveled down her arms steadily getting brighter as it went down, the power focused into ten little balls of energy, each at the tips of her fingers. As she moved her hands forward, the blazing little stars of power leaving trails in their wake. With her hand formed into child-like handgun she said pressed her thumb down and said "Shoot."

The little orb shot off her finger, ripping through the air and punching through the skulls of two ninjas who were foolish enough to stand close to each other. Cranium and brain matter, along with copious amounts of blood, were splattered out of the sides of their head as the bullet exited and buried itself into the ground. With a sizzle is disappeared from existence.

This stylish attack garnered the attention of quite a few enemies, who disappeared in puffs of smoke and reappeared on the trees next to the sniper. The wind blew her long red hair off to the right as she looked around, the without warning she flipped and spun in the air, the black garbed warriors jumping forward to strike her down. She however was too fast, as she spun upside down she shot each one of her assailants with one of the Overkill bullets. The name fit them, whatever they touched they punched through and ripped apart with over the top force; the ninja's flesh was like paper before them, no more than a minor obstacle in their path through the night sky.

Arikis floated high above the battle-ground as this happened, scanning to see if the fight had been noticed yet. The lake was surrounded by tall trees, both obscuring visions of the area and muffling sounds from the battle. Realizing that it was up to one of them to signal for help she raised her hand, but quickly shot it downward with a blast of wind instead. The wind knocked the shuriken that had been racing towards her way and she knew that she would have to take care of her attackers before she could safely send up a flare.

She now scanned the ground and saw with a glint of moonlight another wave of shuriken heading toward her; the sylph cut her hand through the air and sent a wave of air batting the shuriken aside and heading for the area they had come from. Following the current of air she flipped in the air and sped downward crossing her arms and shouting "Glacial-" ice began forming on her arms, sparkling in the moonlight like deadly diamonds and after a few seconds she spotted the shuriken throwers, "Torrent!" And with that she broke her arms apart and with that action a storm of ice shards and slicing gales sailed at the ninja forces on the ground. The ninja's grouped together and formed hand-signs, each of the shouting something in Kikanese and shooting a combined torrent of air the Glacial Torrent.

Arikis was floored by their impudence, using wind against a sylph was not only stupid but it was an insult to her. With her fury blazing she pumped even more energy into the attack and made it bigger, stronger and adding the addition of blue streaks of lightning jumping from one ice shard to the next. Her Enhanced Glacial Torrent cannibalized the jutsu and slammed into the ground, causing anything even remotely close to the point of impact to be pulled in and sliced, diced and electrocuted.

As the girls made their mark on the fight, Harumi stood and shakily got into a stance to fight.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Mystina asked, grabbing Harumi by the shoulder and pushing her to the ground. Harumi began to yell something in protest but she was cut off, "If I can push you down that easily, you'll just be a liability on the battle field; now stay still."

Mystina's eyebrows furrowed as she began to glow with bright pastel yellow light. She gritted her teeth and began to chant; "Oh light of the heavens whose shine purifies all evil," an extremely complex magic circle formed underneath the silver haired mage. "Heed my call and come to earth which is overrun with vile filth," she whipped out her arms as a circle of symbols and designs appeared around her. "Become my shield and annihilate the vulgars who harbor ill will," everything that she had conjured shined around her like a nova as she yelled, "Six Pillars of Heaven I Command You, Form Now And Offer Us Divine Protection!"

As she ordered the magic she sliced her arms downward and it obeyed, bright light slammed down from the heavens above and formed six pillars around Harumi and Mystina. Then a barrier of translucent light stretched from one pillar to another and covered all the areas left open, the light closing together on the top.

"Don't even try teleporting out here, this is one of the most perfect defense spells in existence, you'll just bounced off the walls as if you ran straight at them…by all means you can try, it would provide some comic relief." Mystina explained, smirking at the thought. Harumi narrowed her eyes and conceded that her part in the fight was over.

"Look look, one of the coolest parts about this spell is about to happen." Mystina stated as she eyed a few ninjas who had broken off from the fight to pursue their original target. Harumi looked up and saw the attackers jump forward with weapons drawn and glowing different colors, but as soon as the neared the Six Pillars of Light, a laser shot out of one of the pillars and incinerated every ninja in one fell swoop. "See, that's fuckin awesome!" the mage exclaimed.

Kaidan's body slammed into the ground and rolled until he came to a painful stop. He clutched his ribs, he was pretty sure there was a crack in one of them. Jirai had proved to be a tough opponent, Kaidan and him were almost on equal ground, however Jirai obviously had the upper hand in experience. Kaidan clenched his teeth and stood, taking his stance again. Jirai smirked and waved his hand around above his head; pure orbs of heat, burning red in color, formed above him. Jirai swatted his hand down and sent all of them heading straight for the dark elf.

Kaidan reacted by clapping his hands together and shouting "Gaia", bright orange-brown magic formed a circle beneath him and then slamming his hands into the ground, "Serpent!" And out the ground a giant snake, formed of dirt, stone and plants rose and snapped at the ninja's attack, swallowing them all before it imploded raining the contents of its body down around it.

Through the dust an army of thin ice discs cut through, Jirai being taken by surprise. He quickly jumped in the air but the discs simply changed course and surrounded him. From the settling dust below the command "Tear Apart!" was shouted and the discs obeyed, charging at him from every angle. Jirai summoned his power and created heat around his body, the discs still cut him all over, but their blades were dulled as they made contact with him, making their wounds shallow, but still enough to cause pain and draw blood.

When the attack finished Jirai fell to the ground, kneeling from the pain he felt…and the blood loss. Kaidan didn't let up, he shot off multiple blasts of his energy, the first one sending Jirai backwards into the air, the other pummeling and making his body twist and turn like a ragdoll being thrashed about. As the last shot connected Kaidan teleported above him using the force of gravity and his own propulsion his slammed his feet into the ninja leader's face. Burying his head into the ground and causing blood to spurt from all orifices on Jirai's head. With a graceful back flip Kaidan landed a few meters away and raised his hand into the sky, he formed a an orb of power, shining brightly and then clenched his hand into a fist, causing it to shatter into hundreds of shards.

His fury and adrenaline spiking, more and more power coursed through his body, resulting in more power being put into the attack. As the burgundy shards grew more powerful they began to change color as well. They became a dim orange color at first, that gradually began to get brighter. As this happened the space around Kaidan began to reverberate with the power that coursed through it.

Recato finished off the last ninja before looking around for Kaidan; he found him when he saw the smaller male backflip off of a seemingly paralyzed Jirai. Then he saw that Kaidan called up a new attack, Recato began to run to tell him to stop, Jirai had to be questioned before he was killed, but then he sensed it, that power…with a flash of silver light Recato was behind Kaidan, the shards had already turned an orange color, he had to stop him. Grabbing Kaidan's arm and pulling it down he pulsed some of his own energy into Kaidan, forcing the unwanted ability down, back into the repressed state it was supposed to be in. Kaidan look around and was surprised to see Recato has stopped him, he questioned the larger male with his eyes.

"He must be questioned first and you should be careful how much of your…power you use." Recato explained, cocking his head to the side and giving Kaidan an apologetic look. Kaidan simply nodded his head, and looked out over the lake. "They were smart, they chose the to attack during Security's annual start of term party." Recato commented.

"I guess so…Recato…I have to stay here until Security gets here, don't I?" Kaidan asked him. Recato nodded, the apologetic look still on his face. "That sucks…I'm really tired and I..don't know how much longer I can…stay..awake.." and with that sentence, Kaidan fell backwards, Recato's arm whipping out and stopping his descent.

Roughly five minutes later, Kaidan had woken back up thanks to revigoration spell and Security had arrived. They took Jirai away in bondage; Harumi willingly went with Security; and they asked a lot of questions, though Kaidan got the feeling Recato's presence made things go a lot quicker than they normally would have.

"You said you came down here for a swim, then where's your bathing suit?" an SP with a particularly arrogant swagger about him asked. Recato ripped off his shirt and his pants, revealing a pair of boxer briefs.

"I go swimming in these, anymore questions?" Recato shot back at the guard. The guard shook his head and looked away. The rest of the SP, except the female one, all seemed pretty eager to go after that. Once they were gone Recato sighed and turned around and asked, "You mind stay at your place tonight, I don't particularly feel like wandering through the town in my boxers." He finished a with smile, his head tilted to the side.

Kaidan nodded his head and asked, "Well I'm exhausted, who wants to call it a night?" As he said this he analyzed Recato's body in the moonlight. The moonlight gave him a special glow, his dark tan skin getting a luminous glow, accentuating his handsome face and excellent body structure. Recato's body was well built, and well proportioned, but he had a bit more of his height in his legs than in his torso. His muscles were all well toned and defined, but different. His muscles were those formed from combat and training, not lifting weights or stereotypical exercise. They had a smooth quality to them that offset their hard nature, making them oddly inviting. Kaidan now realized that Recato's darker skin was his natural skin color, for as far as Kaidan could see it was the exact same color all around…Recato must not get out in the sun much.

"Yeah so I have a question…why the fuck are you two here?" Mystina asked loudly, gesturing to Recato and Reymundo. Kaidan noticed her eyes flicked up and down Recato when she looked at him, he laughed on the inside at her.

"Well I was coming to deliver a message from Emma to Kaidan," Recato smoothly replied, " I sensed the the fight between Harumi and her assailants, so naturally I came to see what was going on."

"Good enough for me." Kaidan commented, nodding at Mysty.

The mage frowned and then turned to Reymundo, "Alright buddy boy what's your excuse?"

"I was just going for a stroll, well hop through the trees, I enjoy jumping through them…at night." Rey responded, a sweat drop forming on his head.

"Riiiight." Mystina snorted. And with that, she turned and began making her way back up to Kaidan's house, pulling him along with her. Kaidan could not deny that this was a bit of a turn on for him, regardless of gender, playful dominance was a quality that attracted him, mainly because of his own slightly submissive nature.

"You know you can stay over too, I hope you don't mind sleeping on the couch though." Kaidan said to Reymundo as he headed towards his home. Reymundo nodded and followed the group back towards Kaidan's house.

Man that was a bitch to type, so yeah…Kaidan's bisexual…did anyone see that coming? ;)