A Letter from Doting Spouse

by: berf

The way its alphabetical? It had to be like that. It was the assignment. By the way.

All my

Best to your

Cousin, my

Darling! I am

Eager to again

Feel the

Gentle texture of your

Hair, falling in

Inky waves to your

Jaw. I

Kid you not; my

Limbs ache to

Mambo with you through the

Night, and perhaps your

Open eyes will

Paint a portrait of love.

Question the obvious

Resonance of the

Seething ocean of my passion, and I

Truly shall fall

Under deep despair; but your

Vexing smile

Wonderfully reassures me the

Extent to which you, too,

Yearn for my touch. Lovingly, your

Zealous wife.