A Poem of Love, Deception, Murder, and Just Desserts

Even as I wakled to your house that night,

Even when I saw you come out from the fog.

Even when I saw the other guy.

Even when I felt the pain of separation,

Before knowing what was coming.

Even when you yelled that I wasn't good enough.

Even when you embraced me goodbye,

Only to drive the dagger into my back.

Even when you called me worthless,

As you pulled away and I gasped for air.

Even when the gun lay in the bushes smoking,

From driving the bullet home in my chest.

Even when you laughed when he pulled that trigger,

And kiised him just to cause me more harm.

Even as I fell

To the sidewalk in plain sight.

Even when you and him moved me

To conceal me from passerbys sight.

Even when you walked away

To his car to drive away.

Even as you careened around the corner

Speeding way to fast.

Even as my eyes closed in death,

I still loved you.

And yet

Here you are

Standing Judgment

With your lover

Me as evidence to your crimes.

His voice trembles out

Letting me know how you died.

"A speeding accident, no doubt.

Just two days of late."

So your life was only slightly shorter than mine.

And only slightly less tragic.

But as I stand with the Lord in His Heavens,

You and your lover

Get to spend eternity

In Hell.

A/N: Dedicated to all the girls who are mentioned my other story, "The "L" Word".