The sun bet down through the large windows at the top of the hall. We all stood in rows occasionally fanning ourselves but not getting any cooler. Our year head, Ms. Todd had requested that every student standing in front of her must be wearing a blazer, which made the heat more immense . It was chokingly warm in the gym that day, it was the last assembly before mid term. I stood there occasionally glancing around and seeing no one was listening to the lecture on how we should wear our uniforms with pride. A few people got caught for blankly staring into space. I didn't make it so obvious by blinking the odd time. Then the deputy principal walked in, Mr. Davitt. We knew why he was here, he held the infamous piece of paper that came every Friday morning right on the dot of nine o clock, that had all the names of the students that were on detention later that day. Of course everyone had tried to be early that week because they didn't want to be stuck in on the last Friday before mid term, and also because it was a special detention this week. We were allowed leave school at twelve that day due to some meeting. But the catch was that this was a three hour detention held after everyone had gone home. From one to four. It was extremely unfair. However we weren't told but someone found out and informed us all. I was always on detention, I couldn't help if I was late to class, well I could have but I didn't want to. See, I have this teacher Mr. Sutton who I am head over heels, wished he loved me but he probably doesn't, in love with. I love everything about him. He's smart, sophisticated and sexy. So as you probably guessed, I always stay back to chat to him about nothing. I love wasting my time on him, mainly its me who starts the flirting but he returns it. He keeps me going. So naturally I'm late for every class after history, so I get put on detention every single week. I did try not to be late this week but I couldn't help it, he wanted to talk about my project and of course I obliged. I had always thought he had a thing for me. If someone ever said anything to me that would hurt my feelings, he would jump straight in and defend me. He always flirted during class and he even had a cute nickname for me 'sailor'.

I loved it and I loved him. So anyway I was late twice so that meant an automatic detention. I hoped the teacher had some sort of human emotions and hadn't reported it so I might get off. He handed her the paper and Ms. Todd glanced at it. She mumbled and looked around.

"Serenity Quinn." she said which was followed by silence. She handed the paper back to Mr. Davitt and he walked out. I looked around in shock. The students who were normally on detention with me looked at me with pity. My friends looked at me and mouthed "Oops" at me. I was the only one on detention, me sitting in a room for three hours by myself with some teacher. I couldn't even do my homework or study. I wanted to curse loudly but my tutor was right next to me so I couldn't. We all marched out of the hall at the end. I still couldn't believe it. Me and only me on detention. My friend, Elizabeth walked up to me after assembly and laughed.

"Shut up" I said not in the mood.

"God you couldn't keep your hands off Mr. Sutton for one day" she jeered.

"Seriously, don't start!" I said sternly.

"Ok calm down, I'm just messing with you, have fun in detention." she said and ran off.