"Gerry, come on tell me where we're going"

"Ssh sweetie all in good time."

We drove into the city centre, and he parked and told me to stay there, that he would be back as soon as possible.

I sat in the car and waited. I couldn't think of any reason why he would bring me here.

Why was it such a surprise? Whatbut then the car opened and he hoped in all excited. He had an envelope in his hand and a big grin on his face.

"EmGerry I don't know what that is."

"Open it"

I took the envelope and slid my finger under the little sticky part. There sat two plane tickets, with his name on them. They were to France.

"Gerry? Your bringing me on holiday with you? What about Jen? What about my parents?" I had all these questions and possible problems flooding into my mind but they couldn't get out in time.

"Will you be quiet until I explain."

"I am bringing you to see Omaha Beach" he smiled from ear to ear

I couldn't believe he just said that. I had always wanted to visit there, to see the infamous beach where that heroic battle took place. My favourite part of history.

"GerryI cant believe this. Why?"

"Because…" he averted his gaze out the window and back focused on my eyes. "I love you"

I let it sink into my brain. I knew it was crazy for me for even thinking what I about to say and it was unbelievably insane for me to say it, but it had to be said.

"No you don't"

His smile ceased and the sparkle that had been in his eyes slowly faded.

"Serenity you did hear what I just said didn't you?"

"Yes, but its not love. You don't love me, your just besotted."

"No that's not true, I think I'm mature and smart enough to understand the difference." he said defensively.

"Gerry, its not about being smart or mature. You're a man."

He stayed quietly thinking for a few moments.

"Ok, so let me get this straight. I just bought you a holiday and poured my heart out on the dashboard and your telling me just because I'm a man I cant tell the difference between love and lust?"

"Yes." I said shortly.

"Well at least your honest" he said quietly, fidgeting with the indicators.

"Look, I want you to love me, and I do feel that I love you and I have for years but I want you to seriously think about what you just said." I said opening the door.

"Wait where are you going?"

"I'll get the bus home. Gerry just think about it. Don't worry if you realise you don't feel the same way, that's ok. I will always love you no matter what, and will always be here for you."

I closed the door and walked to the bus stop. I was protecting myself from being completely heartbroken, and I wanted to see how strongly he felt.