There once were two brothers

Who didn't look the same

One thought I was cool

The other thought I was lame

They were really quite different

In both heart and in size

But they were never equal

In everyone's eyes

One was a jock

And trendsetter too

No matter what happens

He's better than you

All the ladies loved him

And they shouted with glee

As he entered the room

As tall as a 5' 10'' tree

When he entered the room

He had a surprise

"Kiss my butt!" He would shout

With a gleam in his eyes

The girls would sign

Simper and swoon

As I rolled my eyes and thought

"What a buffoon!"

"Get a life!" I told him

"I'm really not happy!

You're turning the girls

Stupid and sappy!"

"I can't help my awesomeness."

He replied with a wink

"I mean, can't you tell

I'm as sly as a mink?"

"Don't make me laugh!"

I said with a scowl

But instantly stopped

When his girls turned and growled

"Leave him alone!"

One of them moaned

"You'll never get him

In face, he's our own!"

The army of saps

Turned on me and hissed

But, boy, by now

I was seriously pissed

"Eh, shut up."

I dragged him away

"For all that you know,

He could be gay."

So that is why

The girls hate me so

Do me a favor

And don't sink that low!

The other brother

Was kind of strange

But not like his brother

Who was just plain deranged

I once asked the brother

"Do sheep have tails?"

This was in math class

Which he was to fail

"I don't know."

He admitted to me

"There isn't one

As far as I can see."

He then raised his hand

To ask the question

I blushed in embarrassment

(And that's a confession)

"Do sheep have tails?"

He asked with a humble air

The professor gave him a look

That spelled out "BEWARE!"

"Hey," I hissed into his

Hair-covered ear

"That probably wasn't smart

Now you've got someone new to fear"

He shrugged and he grinned

And gave me a wink

I rolled my eyes

And started to think

All in all,

They're similar in ways

Or maybe it's puberty

And they're going through "that faze".