No matter how cold it is I can always feel the heat of your body by mine. No matter how loud it is I can always hear the beating of you heart, but lately I haven't been able to and it scares me. Am I losing you or were you ever mine to lose? All these questions have been swimming around in my head and I would really like to match the answers to the questions, but I just don't know who to ask. My name is Lilly Ann Marie and if you are waiting to hear a story that ends in 'and they lived happily ever after' then maybe you should go and read another story, because this story isn't a fairy tale with a prince that comes to swipe the princess of off her feet, riding off into the sunset. So it begins in a forest how cliche, but its true with a woman and a child….

The sun sets on the horizon leaving the forest floor pitch black. Not even able to see her own hand in front of her face, Cameron Marie relies on her other four senses to guide her through the night looking for a safe place to leave the bundle in her arms, which at this very moment is fast asleep. Snap. Cameron whirls around looking for any sign that their were still fallowing her. Nothing. She continues on into the night and finally finds what she was looking for the door way to her world, a world that accepts her kind. As she reaches for the handle an arrow embeds its self into the wood right by her head. "The next one wont miss," says the voice she has been trying to forget her entire life. As she turns around she comes face to face with the person that has haunted her dreams for years, but yet stays calm. "You won't have this child, Lyken," she says with so much confidence he is surprised.

"Is that so, and who's going to stop me? You? Yeah right you couldn't even save your own family." Hurt by his words, she quickly mumbles an enchantment under her breath and the bundle in her arms disappears for the time being. As Lyken is momentarily distracted she whips out a dagger dipped in elf poison that the slightest prick could kill you with in seconds and throws it straight at his heart, but right before it pierced the skin his hand had caught it and threw it straight back embedding the dagger right through her left shoulder and she drops to the ground with a look lost between pain and surprise. "Face it Cameron, you have lost. So tell me where you have hidden the child and I will leave you to die in peace?" The look on his face made her skin crawl, but yet as she took her last dying breath her face was one of full serenity as she mutters her last words before falling to the ground at peace with death. "You will search your whole life and never will you lay a hand on my child." As Lyken stares down at this once very skilled elfin warrior that would have fought for anything she though had a right to be foughtin' for and stalked back into the forest determined to find what was his 'The Child.'