The Color of my Life

By Lerene

Summary: I did not have sex with that blue haired freak! . . . Oh my god is that a plus!

Chapter 1: Wake up Sleepy Head

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I groggily opened one eye as that annoying noise filled my bedroom. I lifted my head a little to glare at the stupid alarm clock with its stupid beeping noise. A good question would be why I set the stupid clock to go off at six in the morning. There was no reason for it. I didn't have to be at work until ten fifteen in the late morning.

So I smacked the stupid clock off, then wiggled back into my sheets. Had to find the nice warm spot so I would fall back asleep quickly.

Just when I was all comfy . . .

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Are you kidding me," I said grabbing my pillow and putting it over my face.

Why oh why did I set my clock so early. I'm not a morning person. I'm just not. Morning are just plan evil! It just hard to wake up. The sun had to be all bright when there was no need for it. Also the whole term "Good Morning." Really? What's so good about it?

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The second alarm was still going off on the bedside table but also added to the mix was the buzz alarm on my cell phone

Was there somewhere I had to go at this early hour.

Slowly I removed the pillow from my face as I raked my mind for what I could possible need to do at this ungodly hour. Nothing was coming to mind. Nothing at all.

I reached over and turned off my clock, then sat up so I could reach my cell phone that was a farther reach on the bedside table. I guess my answer to why I had to get up so early could be found on the many brightly colored post-it notes posted randomly around the bedroom. And when I say randomly, I mean randomly. Bright neon colors of pink, green, yellow, blue, and purple could be seen all over. They were on the walls, on the dresser, on the two lamps, on the ceiling fan, and on the book self. It gave the pale blue walls a lot of color in the gray light of the morning.

Grabbing my phone I turned the alarm off then grabbed a neon green post-it off the little lamp on the bedside table and began to read it.

"Shit," I cursed and flow off the bed running for the shower. I stripped my cloths off as I went.

My large blue/gray cat glared at me for distrusting his sleep, then he got up and took the warm spot at the head of the bed. Lucky bastard! I wish I could continue to sleep.

But alas I couldn't. I had stuff to do today.


Today my job was to make sure my friend got up this morning. She hated morning more than I did if you could believe that. When I learned this little fact about her I found it hard to believe. Then I learned first hand that compare to her, I would be considered someone who loves morning hours. My brain hand a hard believing this. I had a hard believing this. All my life my family picked on me because I loved sleeping in. Oh well, I live on my own know and can sleep until whenever I want. So Ha! Expect on the days I have to get up early to wake up my unresponsive friend. Sigh!

After my quick shower I pulled on a pair of old jeans and a blue T-shirt. I held my shoes in one hand as I left my bedroom and made my way down the hallway of my small three bedroom house to get to my small kitchen. I needed to find food for myself and Catzilla.

And no my cat isn't really fat, he just really really large. Big boned. I don't have a cat I have a lion! Okay not really a lion, but he's mine. My baby.

I really hope I don't turn into one of those crazy cat ladies when I get older because I would have to cry if I do. Old Cat Ladies can be just scary. And just plan weird.


I looked down at the cat that was demanding my attention. "Can I help you Pillar?" Isn't that a cute name! It's short for caterpillar. I thought it was a pretty creative idea. If you don't think so than boo to you.


"You want some food," I asked as Pillar rubbed his large self against my calf. He does that a lot when he's hungry. I've tripped over him a few time when I'm not paying close enough attention. It kind of put me in the habit of watching my feet when I walk sometimes. I know, I'm weird.


"Yes? Okay, I was just about to get it. Come help me get it." And none of you better be thinking I'm crazy because I'm talking to my cat. Your pet is more likely to love and protect you when you talk to them. My cat was a guard cat and he was pretty good at protecting me. He better than any dog. Probley scarier than any dog. Pillar had this habit of scaring the mailman half to death. It was a funny sight, but I did feel a bit bad for the poor guy.


Ding Dong!

I stood outside the front door to my best friend's small little two bedroom house leaning against the house near the doorbell and rang it every few seconds. As I leaned there I check out the area around the house.

She lived in a okay neighbor, not the best but it was okay. Not a place you would want to raise little kids. A red neck family lived next door with junk car parts piled in their yard, the couple had a habit of fighting a lot. Across the street lived a pot head. And there were at least two police reported child molesters. So you could see it wasn't that great of an area. But at least there was no murders in the area. And the child molester both have turns over a new leaf and were cleaning up their act.

The pot head was the one person I didn't care for and made it so I didn't like coming over it. You never knew what he would do if he got really high.

Ding Dong!

After ringing the bell again I grabbed my cell phone and began to search for Pam's number. I allows four rings, hung up, then redialed.

Ding Dong!

Nothing. No reaction what so ever from her. She must have been out cold. She better not be hung-over because I might have to kill her. That is no way to go to a job interview.

Reaching into my purse again I grabbed my key ring and used one of the keys to open the front door. And oh my, the inside was pretty noisy. How could she be asleep in all this. Not only were a lot of things going off, but they were all very load. Alarm clocks were going off, radio's were blaring. Anything that had an alarm was going off.

In the bedroom Pam sleep on her stomach with half of her blankets on floor. One of her pillows was rapped around the back of her head covering both of her ears. No wonder she couldn't hear any of the noise.

Dropping my stuff to the floor I made my way into the bathroom to grab a glass of very cold water. After getting the glass I returned to the bedroom to dump it all over all over Pam's face.

Pam screamed bloody murder as the cold water quickly woke her up. "What do you think your doing?!" she screamed outraged.

"Job Interview."

"What!" she screamed.

"Job Interview?"

Pam's eyes grew wide when her mind finally figured out what I was talking about. "Oh Fuck!" she cried as she jumped off the bed and ran toward her bathroom. As she ran she removed her night cloths. "I so owe you."

"You so do," I said with a roll of my eyes as began picking up her discarded cloths. With how face she moving around this morning getting ready she'll likely trip over it and brake something.

"Whatever you want you can have it," Pam said as she climbed into the hot shower.

"Not seeing your your naked butt would be nice."

Pam laughed inside the shower, "I'm so sorry about that."

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