Erma: Josie, if 3x=12, how does x=17?

Josie: It just does!

Erma: Josie, x=4. If 3x=12, it can't be that x=17!

Mrs. Rankor: Erma! x=4! Not 17!

Erma: I KNOW!

Mrs. Rankor: Haley, please face forward.

Haley: But I'm uncomfortable with facing forward!

Mrs. Rankor: I don't care if it's uncomfortable! Do it anyway!

Josie has lots of bad eczema, and is scratching her arm.

Erma: Don't scratch! Scratch someplace else that doesn't itch, to distract from the itch on your arm.

Josie scrathes her leg sadly.

Erma: But then, you have eczema everywhere, so anywhere you scratch it will be very bad!

Josie nods and laughs.

Erma: What are we going to do with you?

Josie, shaking with silent laughter, points at the window.

Erma: Throw you out the window?

Josie nods

Erma: Ok!

Mrs. Rankor: Do you know second grade sub-

Erma: Do you know second grade? I know second grade!

Erma: Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk!

Josie: You remind me of Ghandi.

Erma: Talk talk talk BREATHE talk talk talk Breathe!

Josie: Erma, where is my pencil?

Haley: She keeps talking to me, and I can't hear you!

Mrs. Rankor: NO! The diagonals are NOT perpendicular!