Hey guys, this is sort of a parody on fanfic-writing. As I am writing those, and also pairings myself this is not meant to be an offence ;)

Have fun! And feedback is as always welcomed!

She was snuggled onto her couch with a blanket, scribbling furiously into her notebook, a grin plastered onto her face from time to time. The notebook was one of her writing pads that were actually dedicated for use at university but she didn´t care. Absentmindedly the young woman swept a strand of dark brown hair out of her face, looking annoyed as her braids were once again dissolving due to the shorter hair framing her face. One day I´m gonna cut it all off! ran through her mind, before she returned her focus once again to the notebook in her lap.

She had decorated the cardboard covers with several pictures she had found on the Internet, some just because she had found them funny or beautiful, others because they showed characters from TV-shows she liked. It looked a bit battered already as the young woman carried it around with her where ever she was, even when it was raining outside. Maybe a thought would pop into her mind while she was in the bus or between her classes, just to be sure she had it with her.

After she had spent another few minutes writing, she sighed and grabbed the huge dictionary sitting one the couch just beside her. Writing stories was a real pain in the ass sometimes , but heck it was loads of fun too!

While flicking through the pages of the almost ancient book, she took a quick glance at the TV set she had muted just a few minutes ago- it had annoyed her while writing. The show she had been waiting for had started a few minutes already!

With a curse she dropped the dictionary, the notebook, and the pink felt pen she had been writing with on the couch and turned on the sound of the TV.

Her favourite two characters were in the middle of a conversation about some new topic she had missed due to her delay with the sound. But they were standing quite close! And they looked so cute together!

"Kiss!" she murmured, after all they were caring for each other already and well it would look nice all the same. With a grin she continued watching the show.

"No!" It came faintly from the TV-set after the girl had, more or less still wrapped up in her writing, 'told' the characters to kiss. At first she didn´t even notice it, she was shooting glances towards her notebook again, deciding if she should continue writing or resume watching TV. It wasn´t until she heard a nock on glass that she turned to the TV, looking confused.

The two characters that had just been deep into their conversation were now standing at the screen looking directly at her, the woman knocking at the display.

"We arn´t gonna kiss because you tell us." she repeated now, looking stern at the young woman who nearly dropped the notebook she had just been grabbing.

"What?" she asked, rubbing her eyes as if to determine if her tiredness was playing tricks on her. But the man and the woman from her favourite show were still looking up at her.

After staring at the stern faces on the screen she decided that this must be a dream.

"Why are.." she started but the woman interrupted her.

"Because it is not in the script!"


"Nope, no buts!"

"Uhm. If you say so..." the young girl replied, after all this was only a dream. Yes only a dream. It had to be.

"Thank you!" the woman on the screen replied, before she turned around towards the man, who was silent throughout the whole event. While rolling her eyes she grabbed his arm and yanked him back to the point where they had been standing before.

"Now can we go on with this please?" she asked him and resumed to what they had been talking as her partner nodded slightly.

Woah, that was weird! the girl thought while she again watched the scene that seemed to be continuing as if there had never been a break. After a shrug she decided that it was late and she should go to bed anyway. She was tired and if this wasn´t a dream, as she still believed, it might have also been her tired mind playing tricks on her.

With a sigh, she turned out the TV and went over to her bed, leaving behind all her writing stuff. Completely unaware to the faint male voice coming from the now dark TV-set.

"You know, it would be hot to kiss you!"