Hi hi. Yes, it's me. Again... haha. Anyway, I figured you would like to know more of Cuchulainn's past life before you get into the story itself. Righty ho-ho...

~-+Real Name:









Lugh (Yeah, the guy from Deathlight Chronicles)- Sun God





~-+Alias (AKA translation of his name):

Hound of Culainn


Thanks to being the sun god's son, his body radiated heat that could melt snow and ice, and turn water to steam. Like a flashburn...

~-+Battling Style:


His body would be consumed by a wild rage and contort into various monsterous forms.

~-+Weapon of choice:

+The Gae Bulga+

A harpoon-like weapon with wicked barbs...

~-+Healing abilities:

Only he could heal his enemies wounds.


Son of Lugh, the Sun God, and Dechtire, spouse to Sualtam. Lugh kidnapped Dechtire on her wedding day. He let her go back to the human world. Sualtam graciously stays with Dechtire and raises Setanta as his own. Setanta is a gifted fighter from the beginning, killing the blacksmith Culainn's viscious dog, and then offering to find him a new one. He promised to guard the smiths house, and that is where his nickname came from : "Cuchulainn", or "Hound of Culainn". He grew up and became a member of the Red Branch, guards to Setanta's uncle and King, Conchobar Mac Nessa. He was diminuitive in stature, but fought with The Terror, a lake giant, to show he was the best. He won. Naturally...

His wife, Emer, was described as a woman with dark hair, like him, and skin white as milk. Her eyes were proud and brilliant. She was blessed with the seven virtues of womanhood: Beauty, Chastity, Wisdom, Sweet Speech, Song, and Needlecraft. Which shows you how sexist the old days were, even in Ireland... For shame.

Emer's father was a cheiftan from Maeth, and was totally against their union. He sent Cuchulainn away and told him to travel to improve his fighting skills (like he needed it...)

When Setanta returned to claim Emer, he was forced to attack the fortress of Fogall, Emer's father, before the wedding could take place.

They had a child together and his name was, as said before, Conlaoch. Their marriage wasn't all perfect though, mainly due to the fact that so many other girls were attracted to him.

Before his last battle, the one with the sorceress witch-queen Medb, also known as Meav (yes, I know, I just used the name in the Deathlight Chronicles. Maev in the DC's is not the evil sorceress queen), Emer begged him to stay with her in her fathers fortress. Even when he climbed onto the chariot, he thought about her request.

But his enemies, the witches of Calatin had cast a spell to harden his resolve to fight mano-a-mano.

~-+Death and Passing Into the Otherworld:

Cuchulainn was fated to die young, possibly early to mid twenties or thirties. At the last battle, he was killed by his long-time archnemesis, Lugaid, with a spear. But even in death, Setanta was victorious. With his last breath, he sliced off Lugaid's right hand. His sword arm.

He was buried with his wife, who died of grief shortly after recieving "the news".

And that, my friends, is the story of Cuchulainn, the Hound of Culainn and Setanta the same, before the beginning of the story "Dublin Saviour". I'll update soon!