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Jack stared at Evan as if it were his first time seeing him. As if in a whole new light. Evan was attractive. Very attractive. Jack hadn't noticed the hard planes of his face, or how his hair was so beautifully messy that it was perfect. He hadn't noticed how light his blue eyes were, nor how the piercings added such an endearing quality to his appearance.

He was left gaping in shock at this new vision. What had changed? Had Evan always been this way? In Jack's memory, Evan was nothing but a blurred individual with a smug grin. Nowhere near as good looking.

Evan didn't wait for a reply. He grabbed Jack's arm and was already leading him out of the house. Jack was stunned into co-operation.

"Jack!" Liz squealed after him. "What are you doing? Don't go with him. Are you nuts?"

Must be. Must have been nuts.

He was being dragged, hard, and he even stumbled over the threshold of the door because his feet were moving so slow compared to Evan's. But Evan didn't stop, he continued purposefully.

Somewhere in Jack's mind he knew he should be scared, should be anxious, but he had never felt more calm in his life. Shocked, but calm. He was going to have to pay for it later, he knew.

There was another scream of protest from Liz, but it seemed she had stopped following them. Evan stopped abruptly and opened the passenger door of his car. "Get in," he demanded. Jack didn't have to think twice.

Evan was in the driver's seat in no time and it was only seconds before the key was in the ignition and they were driving away from a stunned Liz.

"I know I promised that I'd leave you alone," Evan said through gritted teeth. Jack suddenly noticed a few things. First, Evan's hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white. The second was that they were headed home. A five minute drive tops. And the third was that Jack did not want to get out of this car.

Jack didn't respond, not knowing he had to. He was staring at Evan, gaping at him. This was the guy that had tormented him? No, it didn't seem possible. The person in front of him seemed completely different.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Snap out of it!"

"Snap out of what?" Jack asked mechanically. He wasn't in a trance. He had never thought so clearly - and he had never seen so clearly - in his entire life.

Suddenly a realization possessed him. Evan. This Evan. This ridiculously good-looking, good-smelling, good-hair and good-mouthed Evan had pleasured him. All of a sudden it wasn't as disgusting as he had first thought. Somewhere, this bothered him, but Jack was opening his mouth in surprise. He'd been lucky. Lucky that this guy didn't turn away from him in pity or disgust at his condition and had showed him something nice.

"It'll be nice."

The echoing words sent a thrill through Jack and as he stared at Evan he could almost, almost, see the words coming from his mouth.

The car screeched to a halt in their driveway, ripping Jack from his day dream. How long had the trip been? It had felt like seconds.

Suddenly fear struck Jack hard.

Not fear of Evan. But fear of this house. This magical Evan would be gone once he stepped inside. Reality would set in eventually. Everything good would be lost, and then where would he be? Worse off than before. Jack knew this, because that was what always happened.

Evan seemed to be expecting his fear, because he dragged Jack from the car and to the house despite the protests.

"Let go of me!" Jack screamed, desperate to cling to anything but the harsh reality.

But Evan was stronger than him and had successfully pushed him through the front door. Jack paused and waited for something to hit him. Anything. Fear, anxiety, nausea. When none came, he turned to Evan and expected the new vision to be gone.

It remained.

And then Evan was swooping in on him like a bird of prey, gathering Jack in his arms. He smelled so good. So comforting. Why? Why would it comfort him?

A brief psychoanalysis would be that Jack had found comfort in his abuser, but even with this knowledge Jack tried to hold onto the seemingly naive notion that Evan truly cared for him.

The hug would have been uncomfortably close if it had been two weeks ago. But Jack wanted more. He wanted Evan impossibly closer.

"I'm not sorry," Evan said desperately and Jack's heart gave a small pump of fear but settled normally. "I'm not sorry that I love you. Love you enough to do such fucking things to you. But I needed to, Jack. Do you understand?"

Jack was wrenched from Evan's embrace a little too abruptly. His hands folded in on themselves a few times in attempts to get back into Evan's arms, but this went unnoticed by Evan who was now staring him straight in the eye. The piercing blue eyes that Jack had never really noticed because he tried to avoid the hard, unwanted glares were now smouldering with defiance.

He shook his head in response to Evan's question. He didn't understand any of it. Why had Evan become so attractive? So desirable? Why was this happening?

Evan's face fell and then he dragged Jack into the living room with the same hard passion that he'd had at Liz's house. He shoved Jack into the sofa and then sat beside him. "Don't hate me, Jack. I thought I could stand it, but I can't."

Did he hate him? Jack was scared that he didn't know. There had been an entire week and some that he'd known for sure he hated Evan, but that had been in his trance. Before he'd even guessed that Evan truly loved him. It changed everything.

"I was so indecisive. I wanted you to hate me, because then I wouldn't be tempted to do those things to you, but I wanted you to love me so that I could. I hated myself every day for it. Every day for way too long."

The words were now pouring from Evan's mouth in a desperate confession of feelings. Jack stared mutely at the older boy trying to sort through everything that had been said. So many questions turned in his head, but he couldn't press pause in his brain and try to answer every one of them. All he could do was watch his usually confident, arrogant and smug older brother crumble to pieces in front of him.

Evan pressed his forehead against Jack's shoulder. "Fuck. I can't control myself after what happened. It's going to happen again and again and again."

Jack's eyes widened at this thought. "But why?"

His own voice shocked him as much as it apparently shocked Evan. "Why? I already told you why."

Silence as Jack struggled for his voice once more. "That doesn't explain anything," Jack said weakly. That didn't explain why Evan was looking so appealing. That didn't explain the faintest memories of pleasure Jack kept experiencing. That didn't explain anything at all!

"I love you."

Jack stared wide-eyed. This couldn't be happening. His head swirled dizzyingly. "I'm your brother," he insisted.

Evan's eyes broke with frustration. "I know that," he snapped, and then his eyes went tender. "You don't think I know that? Why do you think I've hated myself for seven years?"

"You've loved me for seven years?" Jack was paralysed with the information. Couldn't be true. No. He went through everything in his head. The torment, the abandonment, the arrogant return. None of it backed up Evan's confession.

Evan slammed his hands into his face and rubbed at it with some type of pain and longing. Whatever he was going through, Jack could tell it was incredibly difficult. It was a wave of pity.

"Yes. Yes." Evan was getting louder with each word. "I have. It's sick, and wrong. And I tried to stop it, but I can't. It's bigger than me. I'm going to keep doing it. So please, Jack, you have to understand..."

Jack's phone began ringing at that point. The only person who ever would call it was Liz and Jack immediately went to answer it. He didn't get far. Evan had the cell phone out of his hands so quickly that Jack's slow brain couldn't respond quick enough. The blue eyes stared at the picture of Liz from the LED display. His eyes became intense and he chucked the phone across the room.

"What's going on with her? She your girlfriend?"

Jack was still wide-eyed. Every expression Evan had was attractive. He was so good-looking it was hard to look away. Did everyone know this? Or was it just Jack? "No," he said mechanically again, lost in Evan's looks.

Evan stared hard at him for a minute and then sank into the couch, frustrated at something.

Jack continued to stare, welcoming and encouraging the memory of that night to appear. Evan's weight on him, the kiss, the circled tongue around his belly button, the cold hands, the warmth of Evan's mouth.

A bolt of pleasure ran through Jack.

What was wrong with him? Surely this shouldn't be close to the reaction he should have been having? Was his mind so hideously mutated from his anxiety and fear that he couldn't even get a response from being molested right?

Clearly it was.

But the silence that Jack was absolutely content with seemed to drive Evan crazy. "Aren't you going to say anything?" he demanded. "I've poured my fucking heart out and you're just going to stare dumbly at me?"

He was getting angry and Jack hadn't noticed that Evan would take his silence and dumbfounded stares as a prelude to rejection. He had to say something.

"Why are you so good-looking?" Jack asked seriously and watched Evan's furrowed eyebrows raise a little in surprise. Even that was attractive.


"Since you dragged me from Liz's house. You're really good-looking. I never noticed. Why now?" He was honestly looking for an answer, afraid that he was maybe going crazy. Afraid it was a dream; still in shock that none of it could be real.

But Evan seemed to think this was an acceptance of him.

The older brother was on Jack so fast that Jack couldn't have punched him if he wanted to. The weight of Evan's body on his pulled at Jack's heart strings. It felt like it had been missing for a long time. Too long. Like the night Evan had stumbled to him drunkenly was centuries ago.

It was yearning, Jack's mind realized.

Suddenly Evan's lips were on his and Jack was helpless. This time he wasn't trying to pretend as if he wasn't there. As if it wasn't happening. He embraced it all.

Evan was a rough kisser - something he hadn't noticed before. Not that Jack had any experience to go on or anybody to compare Evan to. But he could tell from the way that Evan bit and pulled at his bottom lip, and the way that Evan took control. It was all testosterone.

But Jack wasn't complaining.

He kissed back. Awkwardly - he didn't know how to kiss - and placed both of his hands at the nape of Evan's neck, pulling him closer with an awakening need. It felt like they had been kissing for only seconds before Jack could feel Evan's hard erection on his inner thigh.

An electric thrill went through his body. Was this happening? He had to keep asking himself the question. His mind just nodded encouragingly. Yes. It was happening, and as it was, he kept repeating choice quotes from Evan in his mind.

"I love you."

"You have to understand."

Well he didn't really understand. At all. But he had never fully understood his mind. He had never fully understood his own disorder. He never knew why his brain would act on its own, or become horribly dependent on his emotions. It was a roller-coaster of a mind. How could he expect to understand why he was making out with his brother?

And then a thought crossed his mind. How long had it been since he had even considered Evan a brother? Far too long.

Before he knew it Evan was pulling away from him. Jack was shocked with need. He didn't want it to end, but before he could voice that Evan was staring at him with hooded eyes, breathless from the intensity of the kiss. Here Jack realized he was also breathless.

"Bedroom," Evan said quickly as he hopped off Jack.

Jack was confused, but Evan was already grabbing his arm and helping him out of the sofa. Why did they have to move? Jack was perfectly fine where they were.

He couldn't even be allowed to walk on his own without Evan dragging him. It seemed as if his feet wouldn't work without being led. Jack had a brief moment where he wondered if he should try to walk on his own to make sure, but then quickly put that idea to the back of his mind when another, more pressing thought entered.

They had been halfway up the stairs when suddenly Jack jerked his hand out of Evan's. Sex! They were going to Evan's bedroom for sex! Absolutely impossible. A harsh reality of the situation sprang forward and hit Jack with as much force as a bag of bricks. They were going to fuck. More clearly, Jack was the one that was going to be fucked.

Evan was already grabbing for his hand again and leading him the rest of the distance. Jack tried to pull away once more but Evan seemed prepared for that. He was unsuccessful. "Wait, Evan. I - "

But the bedroom door was already swinging open and Evan all but threw Jack towards the bed.

"Don't worry. It'll be nice," Evan said before pressing Jack into the bed and continuing their kiss.

Jack was extremely doubtful. Why would it feel nice? Practically thinking about it, taking it up the ass sounded like the most painful thing in the world. With this, Jack turned from the kiss. "N-no. It'll hurt. I don't want to." Evan was already kissing him again.

"Won'thurt'llfeelnice," Evan mumbled against his lips.

Still not convinced, Jack began to struggle beneath the hard weight of Evan, but it was only half of an attempt. It felt so nice. So right. How could he possibly want to leave?

A desperate need rose up in him that he never expected and without even telling his body to do so, he stopped struggling. Deep breaths. That was all he needed to get through this. Deep breaths.

But how could he breathe when Evan was kissing him with such intensity?

As if reading his mind, Evan broke from the kiss, but then was shedding his clothes faster than Jack would have liked. He wanted to get his mind around everything, but time was flying past him. Everything was happening so quickly it was hard to expect what was next.

And then even when he did realize what was happening it just seemed absurd. Yesterday he had hated Evan to the core of his being. Now he was filled with a loving need for the older brother that couldn't be explained. It was as if he had been living with a large hole ripped out of him for so long that when it was filled suddenly it seemed to be the greatest feeling in the world. The feeling of being desired by Evan was enough to bring tears to Jack's eyes.

"Why are you crying?"

Evan's voice penetrated his deep thoughts and Jack was startled. He wasn't crying, was he? Some form of shame hit him as he wiped away the tears with the back of his hand. How many times had he promised himself not to cry in front of Evan?

"I don't know," Jack lied with a hoarse voice. He did know, but there was no way he was even going to attempt to explain it to Evan.

"Too fast?" Evan asked. It was only then that Jack noticed Evan had stripped to his boxers and had been working at Jack's shirt collar. How much time had passed? What had he even been thinking about?

"Yes," Jack replied after a moment's consideration. "I don't really know what's going on." He took a moment to also consider their positions. In the time that had passed Evan had managed to position Jack at the headboard with Jack's head on his pillows. He was laying on his back with his legs wrapped around Evan. How did they get there? His body had been moving and reacting on its own, Jack realized.

Evan's expression went rigid and then relaxed, seemingly torn about something.

"What is it?" Jack asked. A sixth sense had appeared. This new, more detailed and attractive Evan seemed to have brought it on. It was much easier to read his expressions. Evan had something to say.

"Nothing," Evan said.

"It's something. Tell me. It's the least you owe me." Jack's morbid curiosity was already clawing its way to the information, using whatever means necessary to get it.

Here Evan sighed in frustration. "It's not important. I just didn't realize I was going that fast because that's just what I'm used to."

It took awhile for this information to process and when it did Jack's self-esteem took a fatal blow. Of course Evan would have been having lots of good sex with a lot of other girls. Good and fast sex. Jack was nothing compared to them. They were beautiful, and they were women. Surely more attractive than he was.

"I'll take it slow," Evan said finally - almost happily. Jack stared up at him and was instantly back in awe. Everything about him was perfect. His body was hard and lean compared to Jack who was just entirely too skinny. The hair... the mouth... the eyes...

"But I still don't understand it," Jack said suddenly.

"Seriously? I think it's pretty obvious..." Evan said with a glance towards their positions.

Jack shook his head. "No, I know that," Jack said impatiently to a relieved sigh from Evan. "I just don't understand why you could even want me," Jack continued. He was surprised at how clear he was thinking now in Evan's closeness. Now that they had stopped moving, he seemed completely in control of his actions. It was like being with Liz; Jack was a little too comfortable.

There was a moment of silence when Jack wondered if Evan was thinking the same thing. Of course he would be.

"I think you're cute," Evan said finally.

Jack opened his mouth in horror. "Cute?" He instantly imagined a bunny with shiny eyes and a pink bow.

"Yea," Evan nodded. He dipped down and began working - slowly - at the buttons on Jack's shirt. "Cute. Really attractive. So much that I go out of my mind with jealousy when I even think someone's looking at you the wrong way."

Jack considered this. Maybe it wasn't too bad - if cute was the kind of thing Evan was into for looks then Jack should have been glad he was. But - "Cute like a girl kind of cute?" He had to know. The curiosity was back and stronger than ever.

Evan continued to unbutton Jack's shirt and had exposed enough of Jack's skin to reveal a collar bone. Evan stopped and kissed it before replying. "No. Not like a girl. Cute in a helpless kind of way."

Another horrified look from Jack. "I'm not helpless!"

Evan didn't seem to listen, he was still working at the buttons. All of them were undone now. "Wrong word I guess. You know what I mean. You get all doe-eyed when you're panicking. Hard to resist."

"Good to know," Jack muttered miserably.

There it was. The reality of everything. It still didn't make that much sense, but the facts were all there. Evan was attracted to him. Evan loved him. As far as Jack could tell at that moment, he mirrored Evan's feelings.

If Jack were a girl, he would have no problem having sex with him. He knew this, because most girls were all about that romantic bullshit.

But that was just it. They were girls. With different parts, and different hormones.

Jack gulped, hoping and wishing for an anxiety or trance to rescue him, because that was all he knew. But he was calm, and was thinking clearly. Figured that the one time he wanted it, his anxiety seemed to be taking a holiday.

At this point, Evan had begun working at Jack's jeans and suddenly Jack was excited. Way too excited. No matter what Evan said, Jack was still extremely self-conscious about the entire thing. The worst part was that there was a need for the pleasure to be re-experienced that was bigger than he was. There was no choice.

Instead of thinking about what was going to happen and getting worked up, Jack shut his eyes tightly and began to think about all the incredible things that Evan had said to him. It was difficult to put them in place. All of those Christmases of animosity and glaring; it was hard to believe Evan had acted that way because he was upset of his feelings for him.

But his own feelings were now starting to make sense.

All of those times Evan had beat him up or made him eat mud had made it so there was a gigantic hole in Jack's self. A distrusting black hole of darkness that emanated fear for protection.

Evan had caused it, and Evan was fixing it now. How long it would take, Jack didn't know. If it was real, Jack didn't know. But good things came into Jack's life so rarely, that it was so much easier to throw all caution the wind. To trust this smooth-operating monster.

He was naked now, he realized with a glance down at himself. It was different; entirely different. This was daylight! Evan could see everything! Immediately he turned on his side and tried to cover himself. It was an automatic reaction that he couldn't control. He was definitely not ready for this. At all. Life never warned him for anything.

But Evan gripped his shoulder and pulled him back into place with a - in Jack's honest opinion - sexy smile. And of course Evan should be happy, he had all the reason in the world to be. Jack, on the other hand, had every reason in the world to be angry and emotional. He wasn't, and he didn't want to be.

"Don't look at me," Jack pleaded, still struggling under Evan's grasp.

"Want to look at me instead?"

This was an interesting proposal. Jack had never thought about it. Then suddenly he was rocked with the same excitement and thrilling adrenaline that was corrupting him. He could have this one, happy moment where he could think Evan was his.

Biting his lip in indecision he contemplated for a second longer; the only thing holding him back was his insecurities. But he put them aside with disturbing quickness and lifted himself on his elbows to look at Evan.

He looked first into Evan's face, because every time he did he seemed to find something new - this time it was that Evan had faint dimples - and he would be taken away again by the feeling of wonder. His eyes then trailed to his neck, where he concentrated on the Adam's apple before working up the courage to continue.

Of course Jack had had glimpses of Evan's body before, but in his newfound attractiveness to Evan, it seemed it had only gotten better. It wasn't tanned or too muscular, but it was hard from all the track and activities Evan did. He had broad shoulders, a few abs, and - Jack forced himself to look further downwards - a ridiculously erect penis.

It was his first time seeing anyone naked in front of him. His first time letting someone else see him naked as well, and it was a surprisingly emotional experience.

But more important than it being emotional, it was absolutely scary. Jack gaped at Evan's member and sank back with misery. How was he supposed to stay calm when he knew what was going to happen with that?

"Look at me again," Evan commanded. "Touch me wherever you want."

Another too interesting proposal. Jack instantly forgot about the coming pain and worries and lifted his head back to look back into Evan's face. It was hard to decide what to concentrate on first, but Jack's eyes settled on something he liked and he bit his lip with anticipation and to build up the courage.

His mouth. His beautifully wonderful mouth. Jack reached out with his finger and ran it along the bottom lip experimentally. The corner of Evan's mouth then pulled up into a half-smile before he bared his teeth. He kept his finger on the lip, but Evan opened his mouth and nibbled the finger.

Jack pulled it back in amusement and Evan dipped his head into the crook of Jack's neck sending ticklish shivers all along his body.

"Keep going," Evan encouraged into his ear. The voice was so pleasurable that Jack obeyed without hesitation.

His fingers clamped onto Evan's side and ran along his body in experimental wonder. It seemed foreign to Jack that touching someone else's body could be so pleasurable, but the proof was right in front of him. Every simple touch of Evan's body was building his own excitement. This was his. Even if it was for the moment, all of it was his.

Evan worked the mood like an expert, or so it seemed. He began slowly by kissing along Jack's jaw line, around his ear, at his collarbone. And even though Jack had known they were there all along, he never knew that they were so sensitive and pleasurable. Every single nerve ending in his body was on high-alert and were reacting to the faintest of touches.

Soon Evan was running his own hands along Jack's body. Sharp, embarrassing thoughts entered Jack's mind but he was too distracted to settle on them. It wasn't like anything he'd ever experienced. Usually his mind was on hyper-drive, or was concentrated on a single thought that repeated over and over. At this time, Jack's mind seemed exceptionally clear. Nothing could disturb him.

It was eerily soothing but at the same time was getting Jack extremely excited and anxious. With each touch or kiss Evan gave him, he grew more and more high strung; his own erection painfully eager for the pleasure to come.

And that was when Evan decided to take it up a notch.

A slow, smooth hand ran across his stomach and towards Jack's aching member. Immediately sensing what Evan was doing, Jack's breathe hitched in his throat. A shudder ran down his spine as his thoughts began to swarm again and the adrenaline kicked in.

He whimpered a little as the slightly cold hand wrapped around his hard-on, but not because it was unpleasant. The sound was one of the purest pleasures. Jack sucked in a deep breath and held it in as Evan's hand began to move experimentally. If he didn't have to breathe, the pleasure was that much more intense.

Every slow and long stroke sent Jack into a delirious pleasure. Moans escaped every time he sucked in another breathe, and when Evan flicked his thumb across the precum coated tip, Jack's back arched a little.

The only thing Jack could think about was how good it was feeling. The echoes of pleasure in his mind seemed to have forgotten what it truly felt like and it was like he was experiencing this for the first time.

One pump up, Jack would breathe in. One pump down, Jack would moan out. It continued for what seemed like centuries, the pleasure coming in long waves that possessed his entire body.

Then suddenly Evan stopped and Jack cried out in longing.

"No!" he moaned half-deliriously.

Evan stared hard at him but then turned suddenly to his bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube. "I can't hold out much longer," he said firmly, but the undertone was almost begging.

Jack's eyes widened a little. He had almost forgotten Evan in his own pleasure. "Sorry."

Evan shrugged as if he didn't have a care in the world and poured a generous amount of lube onto his hand. Jack gulped and eyed the hand nervously. "Evan, I don't think I want to do this."

Ice cold blue eyes shot at Jack. "But you'll like it," Evan said warily. With his dry hand he was already lifting up one of Jack's legs onto his shoulder to get better access. Instantly Jack stiffened and struggled to get away. His face felt extremely hot; the whole thing was embarrassing enough.

"No! I won't like it!"

"You don't know that." Evan was now holding Jack's leg firmly in place with his dry hand, while the other was pointing an index finger against Jack's entrance. Gasping at how cold and uncomfortable it was, Jack tried to wriggle free again.


Evan sighed, his finger still pressed against the entrance and Jack realized it must have taken a lot of effort for Evan to be this patient. "Look. Jack. Just trust me okay?"

Jack stopped struggling and hesitated, noticing how painful his erection was getting; having tasted the pleasure and been denied it. "How do you know it'll feel good?" Jack asked with a pained expression.

"Why else would guys do it?"

Good point, Jack considered. And then his curiosity took over. If he didn't do it, then he'd never know, and more importantly, if he didn't do it, there was a chance Evan would have been angry with him.

He took a deep breath and then nodded his head in affirmation that Evan could continue.

It was the most uncomfortable thing he had ever felt in his entire life. Evan pressed the finger through his entrance and slowly pushed it in as far as it would go. Jack gripped the bed sheets in his hands to steady himself.

"Just relax. Not that bad right?"

Jack hesitated. It wasn't bad. He could certainly live with it. But his body was rigid and tense with the probing finger and he definitely couldn't relax. How could he?

The finger stopped moving and Even pressed another into him.

Here Jack was surprised that it was already beginning to hurt. They weren't even at the tough part yet! He bit his lip to silence his complaints and shut his eyes tightly, trying desperately to concentrate on something else.

"You have to relax or it will never feel good," Evan said seriously once the second finger seemed to be all the way in.

"Easy for you to say," Jack shot back miserably, but the reality of no pleasure was frightening, considering how badly Jack wanted it. Slowly and obediently he relaxed the tense muscles as much as he could. "I can't believe - "

But he was cut off by a newer, more intense pain. Evan was moving his fingers around inside of him! He winced and tensed causing the pain to increase substantially.

"Told you to relax," Evan growled stopping the fingers from moving.

"It's hard," Jack said with a deep breath. "And you can warn me when you're going to do that!"

Because Evan was already starting up again.

"Guess I'll distract you," Evan said with a shrug. His fingers were still working slowly but surely in and out of Jack's hole but his free hand began working at Jack's erection at the same time and pace.

It was the most unusual thing; the combination of the pain and the pleasure. Jack wasn't even sure which one was more prominent, as they seemed about equal, but Evan's hand stroking him was providing a nice distraction.

Jack squirmed under the hand, his back arching a little from the pleasure and his member throbbing from the attention. He greedily bucked into Evan's hand to intensify everything, but Evan was soon one step ahead of him. The pace quickened for both hands and Jack felt the waves of pleasure wash over him at the same time he felt the stabbing pain rip him apart.

When he didn't think he could take anymore, Evan stopped and withdrew his fingers.

"No!" Jack whined again but this time Evan just laughed.

"Seriously Jack. I can't wait any longer."

The voice was low and sexy and it sent the simplest of shivers along Jack's body. So far it wasn't bad, but they hadn't even begun the hard stuff. Biting his lip again, Jack propped himself up on his elbows. "What do I do?" he asked, suddenly very self-conscious. The question was embarrassing, but Jack would rather suffer that embarrassment than ruining what Evan promised to be 'nice'.

Evan looked back at him - he was ridiculously handsome, his eyes lit with anticipation - and then smirked suddenly. "I have something you can do."

Jack was confused but curious as Evan reached for the bottle of lube he had tossed aside once more. "What is it?" Jack asked as Evan reached out for Jack's hand as well.

The older brother didn't respond immediately. Instead he squirted another generous amount of the lube into Jack's hand - it was cold and had the consistency of hand sanitizer - and tossed the bottle aside for the second time.

Suddenly Jack understood and his jaw hung open. "Don't you want to?" Evan asked, playing again on Jack's curiosity. The older brother now leaned back and used an arm to hold himself into his kneeling position. He was entirely exposed and waiting, which made it more embarrassing for Jack.

A part of him actually did want to reach out and touch what was so forbidden, but another part was paralysed with shame and doubt. Nothing he could do would be good enough, never as good as what Evan could do to him.

With another moment of hesitation, Jack sighed in defeat. He couldn't exactly say no. He was already too far into this mess.

His hand was shaking with nerves as he reached out and curled his fingers around Evan's cock. He could feel Evan shudder with pleasure, but couldn't bring himself to believe that he could make Evan feel good at all. So he continued objectively, weighing the member in his hand and experimentally running along the shaft. He was careful to make sure that every part was lubricated, even running a few fingers on the underside vein - at which Evan made a small groaning noise.

"Fuck, yes. Keep going Jack."

These words sent a completely different kind of thrill through Jack's body. This thrill was hot and made Jack eager to continue. Just the idea of pleasuring Evan in any way had Jack in awe. It just didn't seem possible. He wasn't even really doing anything.

His hand formed a slightly tighter grip and he decided to mimic the same slow type of pumping that Evan had been doing to him until that point. With each stroke Jack became more confident when Evan didn't ridicule him or tell him he was doing anything wrong. Every few moments Jack would be astonished at what he was doing and the situation they were in.

He pumped a little faster, just to see exactly what would happen when he did, and he liked the results. Evan arched back further and gave a breathy type of groan that sent another electric hot thrill down Jack's spine. It filled him with a deep emotion he wasn't used to; the feeling of being useful, being wanted, valued.

But suddenly Evan snatched Jack's hand away and had him pinned down. Jack was astonished by this quickness and when he looked back into Evan's eyes he wasn't even sure what he was seeing. The blue eyes were almost hooded in a lusty gaze and deep inside of them there was an unstoppable force.

It was going to happen.

Jack gulped quickly and set his focus to relaxing every muscle in his body as Evan hooked Jack's legs around himself and steadied the head of his cock at Jack's entrance.

He didn't ask if Jack was ready, merely implied he was about to begin with a kiss to Jack's forehead. "It'll feel nice," he said again before pressing slowly in.

Again there was a tearing pain but this time Jack felt like he was being ripped into two, no matter how slowly Evan was going. His hands dug into Evan's back to relieve some of the tension in his body.

Jack was suddenly aware he had become a little more relaxed with the presence of the lube, somewhere inside of him had insisted it wasn't going to hurt that much because of it. The lube didn't seem to be doing anything though and Jack was choking back tears from the pain of it.

But then Evan gave a low groan and Jack's body went on overdrive. He had to relax; he had to make it feel good. If he didn't, then what good was he to Evan?

It seemed to take forever because of the sharp pain, but Evan was slowly building a rhythm and Jack felt that the faster he went it seemed the deeper he went as well. But Jack didn't know enough on the subject to come to a decision on that.

It was all excruciatingly painful, but every time Jack went to open his mouth and complain, he'd see the look of ecstasy on Evan's face and something stopped him from ruining it all. He bit his lip, he ripped at Evan's back, he shut his eyes so tight that it brought tears to them but still he didn't make a sound.

Until one particularly fast thrust from Evan that caused an intense tremor of pleasure. It was so unexpected that Jack had yelled a little bit.

"What?" Evan asked, but the voice seemed distant and groggy. "It hurt?"

Jack didn't have the heart to tell him that it had been hurting the entire time, so he pushed on to what would have been the next part of his response. "No. It felt really good." He was astonished by the words coming out of his own mouth and was desperately curious to what had happened. "How? What did you do?"

Evan shrugged and continued the rhythm, which Jack still noticed was almost unbearably painful.

Of course Evan wouldn't really know, Jack realized. This was his first time with a guy too. But just when Jack was writing it off as a moment of temporary insanity, Evan thrust hard into him and Jack swore he saw sparks.

There was pain, definitely, but the pleasure was so intense it almost didn't feel like there was any pain at all. "Keep doing that!" Jack said desperately, to which Evan gave another hard and fast thrust causing Jack to moan loudly at the surprising pleasure.

Whatever it was, Jack wasn't going to sit and question it. Evan had been right, it would feel nice, and as soon as this was realized, Jack relaxed completely and even swung his legs around Evan's back to somehow control the rhythm.

He was instantly delirious. Somehow all of his feelings and emotions were surfacing at the same time he was getting large waves of pleasure and pain. It almost seemed too much to handle, especially because the pleasure seemed to be getting more and more intense, bundling at the base of his cock and building pressure.

Jack screamed, but for the second time in his life he didn't know what he was screaming. He was moaning and crashing against the sheets; his fingers were stuck onto Evan's back as if preventing him from going anywhere, when in actuality Evan had him pinned for the exact same reason.

And then suddenly he heard Evan's voice, so crystal clear in his ears. "Jack I'm going to cum!" But it was breathless and his voice was hoarse from the exertion and strength he was using to keep the rhythm going.

That was the last thing Jack remembered before the pleasure climaxed and took hold of him, sucking him into darkness.


The voice was distant, but seemed to be cutting into him like a hot dagger, waking him from his sleep. Or, at least it felt like sleep. Jack's entire body was weak and heavy and there was a pounding ache in his ass that he was only beginning to notice as he started to stir.

"Get up."

But that would take so much energy!



He managed to open his eyes from the comforting blackness and stare around for the source of the voice. Evan was above him looking down; the cause. As Jack's vision cleared he could see that the expression was worried and in that moment Jack remembered everything. Like a light switch had been turned on and everything was there waiting for him.

"What happened?" Jack asked. His voice was also heavy.

"You fainted," Evan said casually, as if this had been expected to happen.

"What? Why?"

Evan smirked and Jack's heart pounded a little harder than normal. He was still stunningly handsome; still his for the moment. "Hell if I know. I told you it would be nice though, didn't I?"

So it was an I-told-you-so game was it?

Jack tried to prop himself up, but as soon as he had moved into a sitting position, a terrifying pain crept up his spine from his tailbone and caused him to gasp and recoil.

"Oh yea. You're going to hurt for a bit," Evan said, helping Jack back into a laying position.

"Thanks," Jack said bitterly, turning away from the older brother in a final attempt at shaming himself.

"Don't be mad," Evan said with such a smooth and happy voice that Jack managed a half-smile. "Enough times and you won't even feel the pain."

The smile was wiped away instantly. "No way! We're not doing that ever again!" he said desperately, but he knew even as he said it his body was already disagreeing. The pleasure had been too much to just forget about. It would be a constant remembering.

Evan sidled behind him in a spooning position and held Jack closely. "Yes. We are," he said firmly and confidently. "And I will never get bored of it."

Jack groaned at the prospect of the future, but couldn't deny that he was extraordinarily happy in Evan's spooning embrace. Wanted, needed, useful... all of the things he ever wanted to be, he was in that moment.

"I finally got what I wanted," Evan muttered into Jack's ear with a suddenly tighter embrace as if to indicate that Jack was exactly what he had wanted.

"I'm not a possession," Jack muttered back darkly, though he couldn't have been happier at the idea of being one. Being valued by Evan, being treated nicely, being loved. Jack shivered with excitement at the glory of it all.

"You're mine," Evan insisted, but it was clear he was drifting to sleep because he yawned between the words.

Jack rippled with joy. "No, you are mine."


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