The Reaper's Door

Ashley Harrison

Excellence in the eyes of others

Judgment day has come.

The past is the past

I know, it's moved too fast

But it's time to face your choices

Was it worth it?

Your words were whispers,

Your actions the shouts to hell

Rebellion blazed onto your soul

All good you've done has been overlooked

Forget the good deeds

They never happened as they seemed

Your actions may have been noble,

The intentions not so great.

You equal the devil in ignorance,

The selfishness that eats away your soul.

Do you really believe that you belong so near?

This happiness that fills you:

Do you deserve it?

One day,

Death will welcome you

When it does

Will your life be different from when it began?

Or will you still just be a waste,

A shame?

When you step to the reaper's door,

Stand strong

There is no escaping your fate.