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Room 210.

Room 210? Were these rooms supposed to skip numbers? This was so stupid, trying to find something that wasn't even here. Maybe I wasn't even in the right building. I think it would be better off if I skipped school.

No, I decided. Skipping school on the first day wasn't the best idea yet. There was only a few more hours to go. And I didn't want to make my mother mad. Not after I persuaded her for me to go to the damn school.

I didn't want to risk going back to live with my mother. Boarding school at sixteen seemed like the best excuse to get away from "the evil one."

See, I was her own personal Barbie doll. She chose what to wear, who to date, my whole frickin' life! I was sick and tired of it all.

It might have not been so bad if I had actually appreciated her "acts of kindness." To some people, it would have been a luxury life. I went out with the most popular guy in school, was told by everyone that I was the most beautiful, and I was rich.

I hated it.

But when I tried to tell her that I couldn't take it, she would look at me with wary eyes as she recounted her days. It hadn't turned out to be the best. She wasn't rich when she was a child so she tried to let me have the best life possible. I was just a sucker for those things.

I raced frantically throughout the halls of Callahan High, glancing at the shadows and hearing the dull voices of the teachers. I couldn't go ask the secretary. She might go off at me at why wasn't I already in my classroom. Besides, I didn't want to look like an idiot for asking for directions for the fourth time…

And I couldn't go ask a teacher. I would look even more like a fool stumbling into some random classroom in front of all the students. That wasn't a good idea.

I also couldn't ask some person standing in the halls. Whenever I would pass through, I would first get a friendly, welcoming smile…that curled into a full-fledged scowl. Well, I could agree. A girl in t-shirt and jeans wasn't the most attractive style around.

But attractive enough. One guy was so brave to slap the new girl's butt as she walked through the halls. But since she was better prepared, they better be prepared to have their ass balls out of place the next time they try something drastic to her again.

Finally, I tottered into the classroom nearest to me. Everyone turned at the sight of the sound and giggled into their hands. Test tubes, scalpels, stainless steel scissors were some of the items sprawled on each person's desk.

Crap on my life.

I was too busy trying to find a classroom that didn't even exist that I couldn't even look at the subject of the class I was going into. The sight of blood and intestines of frogs was revolting. It was too late to skip now…

The teacher's wide eyes blinked in annoyance. "And who might you be?" She asked bluntly. The class erupted in giggles. Great. One small slip-up can exclude you from the whole popularity thing. Good going, new girl.

"Um… Alexis Hayes." I answered stupidly. I glanced at the faces sitting down, cutting up some unknown. I winced at the sight: their faces. They had too much make-up covering their faces; it was just plain nasty how they thought make-up made them beautiful. "Um... I'm trying to find...Class 210?"

"There is no such thing as Class 210. Let me see that paper." She snatched it away from me and I recoiled back swiftly. She did not seem to notice. Suddenly, she cleared her throat. "Class 210 has been renovated into a bathroom, miss. This is Class 210, it being moved to another room. This is your last period class."

My eyes widened in surprise and the class laughed again What was it that they found so funny? I think it was funny how I found them mentally ill... I think the secretary was stupid, also. Why in the world would you lead a new student to a bathroom when she was clearly looking for her next class?

"Well," she said primly, "I'm Ms. Weinberger and you could sit there beside Mr. Clark there." She pointed a scrawny finger at the boy at the corner. He sat by himself, with a dark hood propped on his head. The whole class laughed pitifully now. And then I understood. The guy sitting at the back was just a loner…

I sat on my seat awkwardly, feeling everyone's eyes on me. While the evil teacher was talking, soft screeches of the seats filled my ears. I turned to see that the guy sitting next to me moved as far as he can. I rolled my eyes. I mean, it was obvious that he didn't like me but, did he have to make a scene like that?

The class dragged on. The boy would not look at me. I sighed. This school was just as bad as my old one was.

But I played the reason why I came here in the first place over and over again in my head. I wanted someone to like me for who I was, not by how I looked or how big my boobs were or how I kissed. I wanted something almost impossible: true love.

The girl stared at me, her eyes wide with anticipation. "Well? Do you want to sit with us?" She was painstakingly beautiful, much more prettier than I was.

I sighed inwardly. "Do you feel sorry for me? I don't wear make-up, you know."

She blinked, then threw her head back, roaring with laughter. "You are just too funny."

"What? Is this supposed to be some kind of inside joke?" I demanded angrily.

She grinned. "I don't either."

My eyes popped out of its sockets. "Really?"

"Yeah," She sighed wistfully, "I just wish that people wouldn't like you for your looks."

"I know how you feel." I muttered, mostly to myself.

She cocked her head. "I'm Leah. You're Alexis. Done with all the getting-to-know-you introductory. Now… I think you need a dorm, am I right? You should…" She babbled on.

I nodded vigorously from time to time, but I really didn't listen. I was still fuming from what that boy did in biology.

"Alexis?" Leah asked, peering inquisitively at my face. "Did you hear me?"

I blinked, in a daze. "Um…what did you say?"

"I said, you are so lucky!" She practically leaped out of her chair. "Gabriel glanced at you today!"

"Who?" I asked, a pained expression on my face. From my point of view, this "Gabriel" person just sounded like this cocky, popular guy. I didn't want that. Did I underdo my look today? I was trying my best to look totally different than I usually do.

"Gabriel has this mysterious thing going on with him. He has no care in the world except for his grades. He always wears this dark hoodie, even in the summer. Few have seen him exposed." She explained in a dark voice. Then her voice turned light and airy again. "He's the guy who sits next to you! He's has a hard shell, I'll tell you that, but a real big softie underneath. He's really handsome. And cute. And hot. But he doesn't care for girls. He's not even a conceited guy, even with those looks. You're so lucky!"

I didn't know what she saw in him. To me, he was just rude and irritating, like a gnat. And I would have him as my biology partner tomorrow.

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