they laugh—no,
they don't laugh; they guffaw
like buck toothed mules
(or maybe hyenas)
at stupid things
like armpits
(and sharts)
they smell like
overcooked cabbages
and dirt
and grimy sweat
and rubber shoe soles.
they are a pain
in the ass.
stupid stupid boys
they don't get us girls
'cause they have
the emotional intensity of a
(except for when sports are on)
and only watched
and the notebook
and a walk to remember
so that they could hold the girls while they cried,
(perfect sensitive gentlemen?- or maybe
filthy opportunists with wandering hands)
i hate boys.
they don't ever know
what's going on-
their ignorance spreads like a contagion to other boys
(if ignorance is bliss
then they must be orgasmic)
i hate boys
they give you pink carnations-
and then never call you back
(i don't even like the color pink)
they stand against the wall
at the dances
playing air guitar
and waiting for the girls to ask them to dance
and then they say no because their friends might think her knees are too knobbly and that her face
looks like a pizza
they are so cocky
and mean
and they eat too much.

i hate boys

i love boys