Rated: PG
Language: English
Categories: Poetry/Romance
Series: Halloween High
Title: Welcome!
Summary: A short teaser to the arrival of Missy Hale at Halloween High. Will she and Emily become the best of friends, or bitter enemies? You may (or may not) find out until later..*
*To see the actual 'issue,' you'll have to wait until I post them under a story of its own called "Halloween High." It's the series from which these shorts all originate. xD


"Hey, welcome to the school, Missy." grinned Emily, shaking the girl's hand gently. "I think the introductory program for transfers probably covered about everything that you'd really need to know."

Missy gave a nervous smile as she nodded. "It was pretty comprehensive." (Of course, she reasoned, that was only true of the bits of information thrown in in-between the mayhem and chaos that seemed already to run rampant among the staff.)

"Just be forewarned; there's a few people in the school you may want to avoid. Even among the adults."

"Like who?"

Zekiel motioned towards the hallway ahead of them, where Dr. Sane Aice stood by the entrance to his class to usher his next period of students in. "Like him." he stated. "I guess you could call him nice, as far as his general personality's concerned, if not a bit creepy. He even makes Dr. Jackle and professor Derik nervous."


Although, she didn't really need to ask; she had seen first-hand the sort of looks he gave his fellow faculty members while in the assembly. It seemed as if he was constantly sizing them up for some reason.

And, of course, even now she didn't need to wait for a reply. Even before Emiy and Zekiel could begin to answer, he was suddenly standing at the side of Coach Lucan- who had been on his way to the faculty room -and asking him a wide variety of questions about his strength, the top velocity his kind could reach in sprints and full-out running, and his mating habits.

"And that's only one example." whispered Emily as the athletic coach stormed off. "Though, he's probably the main concern here."

"Completely luny, he is." Zekiel put in, nodding in agreement.

"He's done a few experiments on professor Derik's fianceƩ, professor Null, to find out what keeps her ticking."

"Boy, was he ever pissed when he found that out."

"But not only him." cautioned Emily, turning Missy around to face the common's area, where the mass of students who didn't have a class for the next hour were arleady beginning to congregate. "We have plenty of people our own age to worry about, too." With this, she motioned to the rapidly-filling room as if indicating everyone present. "It's a jungle in this school, and we're the animals."