Just a short little oneshot, nothing too serious. :D

Once upon a time, there was a small white bunny called Midnight. Midnight is a one of a kind bunny. Why? because I said so.

Though Midnight is as sweet as the sweetest-looking cake, she lives alone in her little den, without family or a friend in sight. Midnight is indeed very lonely. But one day, while Midnight goes for her daily morning walk around the woods, she spots another bunny. Eager to make a new friend, yet shy to make the first move, Midnight stood and stared at the black bunny.

"Will you be my friend?" How she wanted to say those words. The black bunny walked over to her side and said, "Are you all by yourself?"

Stunned, Midnight slowly nodded and the black bunny took her by the hand, and led her away saying, "My name's Snowball, and I'm alone too. C'mon! I want to show you something."

Snowball took Midnight to the dark parts of the forest, but despite Midnight being very afraid, she walked by Snowball bravely. Soon enough, they came to this bright clearing surrounded by pretty plants and flowers with a beautiful waterfall.

"Here is where I live. What would you like to do?" Snowball looked at Midnight.

Midnight replied with a small smile that Snowball immediately understood.

After a few days, the two came to know each other better. They played games, waded in the water, gazed under the stars, and they were happy. Midnight was happy.

One night, Midnight awoke in a cold sweat. A gunshot was heard. She glanced around and saw her friend missing. Midnight immediately panicked and searched everywhere. Dawn came, yet Snowball was nowhere in sight. Tears started running down the soft face of Midnight. When she finally found a friend, it was gone so fast. Suddenly, she smelt something. Something unfamiliar and unpleasant.

Midnight ran towards the place where they first met, and saw a terrible sight.

On the ground was Snowball, his leg was injured, and he was bleeding hard.

"I'm sorry if I had worried you. While you were asleep, I heard noises and sensed danger. I didn't want you to get hurt, but I could'nt get away completely." He grinned despite his injury.

Midnight cried and cried. She felt great despair.

"Please don't be sad. I'm happy to have met you, Midnight. Even if I'm gone not around, don't ever feel lonely, because you know I am your loving friend, who will always protect and watch over you.." His voice was getting weaker.

"Please don't cry.. Be strong and make other friends... That way, you won't be lonely.." Those were the last words Midnight heard.

"Sleep well, my dearest friend." And Midnight set off once again, stronger than ever,

Huh. Now how did this end up like that? Oh well. If you have any questions or comments feel free to review or pm me. Cookie for you.