To the bush! To the tree! Behind the rock! Please don't let it catch me! The little white cottontail thought desperately as he swerved around a stream. He could hear the beast breathing right behind him. A swipe! No, he jumped at the right time, and kept on running. Must get home, must get home. Home is safe. No one can get me while I'm there. The beast can't get me. Home. Home. Homehomehomehomehomehomehomehomehomehomehomehomehome! There it is! The little burrow that was the cottontail's home appeared on his right. DIVE!

CRUNCH! The little bunny's bones gave a sharp snap as Beast stepped on its already stiffening carcass. She didn't need nourishment, the only part of the rabbit's life she wanted was the hunt. She let the ravens pick at the body. She knew she was getting quite a reputation in this forest. This was good. The more frightened the creatures are, the more pleasure she got from the chase. She wanted more tonight, but she knew that she had to go to bed early, tomorrow began a new life in a new town.

"Good morning, Sunshine!" Robin called from her perch on Joe's desk. "I have some papers for you!" Joe despised his last name. Sunshine. His parents had been hippies and had passed on their awful name to him. All throughout his school years he had survived the ridicule. Every adult he had ever known had told him that the humiliation would go away once school had ended, and he went into his career. They were all wrong. He didn't mind when Robin called him Sunshine, however, he got the impression that she had a thing for him. He was glad.
"'Morning, Robin. What kind of papers are they?" Joe asked with a faked smile. "Are they the ones I asked for from the Beasleys?"
"You betcha!" Robin replied, perky as ever. She was his cutest secretary yet. That was something, he had had over 15 secretaries over the past 5 years. No one knew where any of them had gone. Joe simply had problems with keeping his secretaries. There was something special about Robin, though, he could feel it. This one wouldn't leave him. She'd stay. He knew it.

Beast felt the warm blood roll onto her contented face as she lay on her side, staring at the harvest moon. This was the first creature she had actually eaten in the past 5 years. These humans taste wonderful! she thought to herself. Beast wasn't quite sure why she had decided to eat this one, but she was glad she had. This was one carcass she would not allow the other creatures to feast upon. She looked proudly over her kill. It was male, well built (she'd had trouble catching up with it), and about 28 or so years old. He was really quite handsome, by human standards. She'd have fucked him. Beast nibbled a bit more on the carcass, then decided to drag the rest back to her home. The male would keep well there. The sun was beginning to rise. No sense in going to sleep now, it would be pointless.

"Have you seen George?" Robin asked as Joe walked into the office, a worried look creased her beautiful face. "I mean, he's usually always perfectly on time..."
"Don't worry about him, he probably got kidnapped on one of his stupid nature walks," Joe replied insensitively. Then he noticed the startled look on Robin's face, and changed his tone. "Really, don't worry. He occasionally comes in late on Mondays, he probably just slept in." Joe walked quickly to the elevator, leaving before anyone realized that today was Thursday...
Joe now had mixed feelings about Robin. Was that really a look of concern that had passed across her face when he'd walked in, or was it guilt? He decided to take a little trip to George's favorite place to walk after work today.

Damn! 7:00 already? Shit! Joe thought this to himself as he hurried out of the office before someone else could stop him. His boss had made him stay late to work on papers, and if that hadn't been enough, Robin had waylaid him on his way to nab his coat and had talked for half an hour about nothing. She'd looked desperate to talk, but he'd blown her off. He needed to get to the woods. Nothing was going to stop him tonight.

Joe shivered. The night air bit into his skin, chilling him all the way to his soul. This was a stupid idea. He wanted to go home and sleep. It was 9:00 already and he had no fucking clue where he was. Shit. Why did he always do stupid things? Oh well, no use reprimanding himself now. The only thing to do was clear his head and think of how to get out of this godforsaken forest. He looked in the direction of his flashlight beam. What was that? A bunny? He moved closer. Yeah, it was a bunny. A very dead bunny. Poor little guy. It looked as though it had been close to its home, and then had been taken down in its attempt to reach home. Joe moved on. A twig snapped to his left. Another small creature, no doubt. Several more twigs snapped, and Joe wondered why. He flashed his flashlight in the direction of the noise. Hundreds of small rodents as well as deer and elk were sprinting by, as though sprinting for their lives. What the fuck...?

Yes, that's right, turn around... Beast thought to herself as the human caught sight of the animals she had scared toward him. She liked her prey to know she was there. She wanted the fear. After all, what's a hunt with no fear? The human heard her breathe and began to slowly turn. She waited for his cue.
"HOLY SHIT!" the human cried out. Perfect. She pounced!

He ran. The woods whipped by him as he quickly sought out his path between the trees. What was that thing after him?! It had looked like a wolf, but it was huge, and had been standing on its hind legs. No animal he knew of had a description like that. A crash behind him! Had the beast slipped and fallen? He couldn't risk looking. Now that he thought back, the beast had looked almost...human in appearance. No, Joe had seen fur, and it had the ears of a wolf.
The silence interrupted his train of thought. He slowed, then finally stopped. The sounds of pursuit had vanished. The beast had gone! Joe was glad for his well-toned body. He finally allowed himself to breathe.
Wait, was that a twig? He turned.

Beast had enjoyed this last hunt. She heard again this human's death cry. "Jesus. Ro...? AHHHH!" It was a good noise. She would save this one for later. She dragged the body to her home for safe keeping.

Robin awoke to the sounds of birds outside her window. She awoke with a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach. What had she brought home this time? She opened the door of her freezer, the feeling growing stronger.
"Oh, Joe..." she sighed. The mangled body of her boss greeted her with dead eyes. "I tried to keep you in the office late enough to keep you from leaving for the woods. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to go into the woods at night?"

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