Your sweet lips on mine,

And your hands on my waist.

I love the way you moved me,

And I love the way you'd taste.

As I you gazed into my eyes,

My mind just spaced out.

I couldn't think of a better moment

To let you control me as I moved my mouth,

Closer to yours

And yours closer to mine,

You really don't know how I felt,

To feel your soft lips so divine.

And when that happened,

You comforted me.

I felt so embarrassed,

Yet so completely…


Because you cared,

Even when you lost control,

You held me when I was scared.

As I cried, you cried too,

And that made me feel safe,

Because without you at that very moment,

I would have felt so lost without your embrace.

Your body so warm, I didn't want to let go,

But I knew you had to leave soon,

And a tear shed, but you stopped the flow.

As you held me so tight,

I felt your heart beat,

As I listened to its rhythm,

My body felt too weak.

When you finally had to go,

I never shed a tear,

Because I knew we'd see each other again,

In the future very near.