Her head told her it wasn't going to work. Her heart told her to go for it. And every time she saw him, it was a battle. Invariably the heart won, scheming with the butterflies in her stomach and eternal hope mixed with adrenaline running through her veins, to flitter about him, hoping he'd grace her with a glance, however brief or degrading. Then, as soon as she was a few hundred metres from school, her head would clear the remnants of the spell that had captivated her and she would berate herself furiously.

Trouble was, she conceded, her head didn't put up much of a fight, but was content to just watch, and then offer a critical review at the end. What was that saying? The one along the lines of 'One is one's worst critic'? Mulling that over, she figured it suited her current situation pretty well.

His reputation through the school, for those who knew him, was pretty bad. Laughing slightly, she realized it was likely to be one of the reasons she'd fallen for him.

Glancing at her watch, avoiding the glances of her friends, her heart flipped with a mix of both excitement and anxiety. The period was almost over. She was going to see him!

She got funny looks as she forced herself to walk at a normal pace to PE. He was in some of her other classes- but they'd never taken any notice of each other. Then the PE teachers had decided last week that they were going to relax and allow the students to mix among classes, the boys and the girls. Remembering his smirk as they'd flipped and vied for the ball, she'd vowed then not to let him get the better of her. Her feet quickening, she headed into the changing rooms, stripping and rapidly throwing her PE shirt and shorts on.

As other girls filed in, she sat down on the benches, staring at the floor. It would look seriously over eager if she was to get right out there, but- steeling herself and curbing the instincts that made her want to be sick with excitement, she looked up as a friend walked in. Ducking her head again, pulling her knees up to wrap her arms around them so they didn't walk off without her, she continued to stare blankly at the floor, suppressing the up welling of emotions that would probably cause her to hyperventilate. That was what if felt like.

The friend motioned for her to hurry up, and unsticking her legs, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out as they made their way through the corridor. Pushing through the doors, she spotted him. He was talking to a team-mate, a girl, her jealous heart recognized. Desperately shrugging it off, she watched as he began to organize his team and not willing to be outdone, she did the same.

Looking directly into each others eye's as the ball flew through the air, she caught it and quirked an eyebrow as he smiled his trademark smirk.

"Game on?" She nodded, not trusting her tongue.

The only-mildly-interested teacher threw the ball in the air, and she leaped for it, chucking it instantly to a team player.

"Nice throw."

"You just liked the view." She challenged him, running after the ball as it came back their way.

He winked at her- and despite the warnings from her head, the ones marked 'STOP', her heart plunged ahead.

AN: Written for Creative Writing class, I was forbidden, basically, from writing anything supernatural. I took up the challenge and had extreme difficultly, eventually pounding this out.

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