"Shellie, everything will be okay." Aiden mentioned as he tried to stop her from crying.

"But I don't want you to leave. You're going so far away, how will I know everything is going to be, okay?" Shellie asked him, already starting to cry.

"You know I would stay if I had the choice to, but I don't." Aiden held back his tears and did the best he could to stay strong for her.

"You have to call me at least once a week, okay?" She said desperately in tears.

"I will, don't worry. I am going to miss you." He said to her as the two gave each other hugs until both mothers called for them.

"Aiden honey! We need to get going or we are going to miss our flight."

"Coming mom!" Aiden said as he pulled away from the hug.

"Shellie, here I want you to have this. I'll come back for it one day and when I do, you'll be the first person I come to visit, okay?" He gave her his necklace as he ran to the car and got into the backseat, putting his seatbelt on.

"Aiden! I'm holding you to that!" She said hoping she would see him soon not realizing how long it was going to be before he came back and waving goodbye to him as she watched the car drive away while her mother held her in her arms.

However, it had been 5 years since he left and he's still not back yet. They talked for about a month at least once a week. But as time went by, they didn't talk anymore. They got busier with life and school. At least Shellie didn't think she was going to see him again after so many years had gone by since he left when they were both 11 years old. And yet, things were about to take a turn for Shellie, for her senior year in high school.