Chapter 9: Plans for Monday

I woke up the next morning at 10 and realized that today I had to go in and get my schedule for school. I got out of bed and walked over to my bathroom, took a shower and got out. I went searching through my boxes to find me some clothes and eventually decided to go with a Hollister t-shirt, with a Hollister Hoodie over it, and a pair of blue jeans. As soon as I got done brushing my teeth and everything else I had to do. I took my keys off the desk and went down stairs to the basement. I got in my car, put the key in the ignition, and started the car to go to the school to get my schedule.

Driving on the way to school…I couldn't help but think that I would probably see the three people I've been hoping to meet. As I was driving I saw that there were a lot of children playing around heading to school. The next thing I noticed is that there was a boy and a girl walking down the street going to school talking to each other. Driving past them I was near the school already. I had finally decided to go to North Star High School. This was one of the high schools that I never planned on going to but it was worth a shot to go since most people from my childhood would be going here. I pulled into a parking lot that was left open and decided to head inside to get my schedule. It was already 11:30 and I knew that this would most likely be the time that everyone would be heading to lunch.

As soon as I walked into the building I saw everyone scattering to go to his next class or to go to lunch. I saw the main office as soon as I walked in because it wasn't that hard to miss. I opened the door and saw the lady behind the desk to get my schedule.

"Excuse me. I'm Aiden Harvard and I'm here to get my schedule."

"Ah yes, do please give me a few minutes."

"Certainly, ma'am."

I waited for a couple minutes and saw that I had forgotten the school's mascot was a Phoenix. It had been years since I've been back and it took me this long to remember that the school's mascot was a Phoenix. It has really been five years and yet nothing seemed to have changed. Probably except the fact that only a couple stores had come and replaced the older ones that were here the last time I was. After a while of thinking that some things had changed the lady at the desk finally said something.

"Aiden, do please come here for just a second."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well, here's your schedule and if you want, you can look around and find your classes before you start school this coming Monday."

"Thank you and I'll think about it."

"Okay, and if you need anything just find me and ask any questions or any of the students."

"Sure will."

After getting my schedule I walked out and decide to look around for a bit before heading back home since I didn't have much to do back at home. As soon as I walked out I had accidentally bumped into someone.

I looked to my right on the ground and saw…

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there." I said to the beautiful girl I was standing beside. I looked down and started picking up her books while she was getting up. I picked up most of her books and handed it back to her.

"Thanks and you didn't have to do that. Plus, it's okay. I'm use to it by now."

"Are you sure? I mean you did have a hard fall."

"Yeah, I'm sure. I'm Aiden. Aiden Harvard."

"Kelsey. Kelsey Brown."

"Nice to meet you, Kelsey."

"Nice to meet you too. I'd love to stay and chat with you longer but I have lunch at the moment so I've got to get going."

"That's fine but do you mind if I join you?" Hoping that she would say yes because it's better than doing nothing and she seemed like someone that's worth it to get to know because from what I've seen from the girls around here. They all seem to be the ones who are just fakes behind all that make up and stuck up too.

"Um…sure…that's fine with me. Follow me then."

I followed her into the cafeteria and noticed that by the looks of some people that I knew who they were already. It may have been five years but sometimes…people don't seem to change at all within those years. As I kept following her, she eventually sat at a table close to the end of an isle and close to the doors to the exit of the cafeteria.

"So what year will you be?" Kels asked after we both once sat down.

"I'll be a Junior. You?" Replying back to see what she'll be and trying to start a conversation.

"Junior. Where did you move from?"

"California. Pretty far from here so yeah." Kels looked at the clock and shooked her.

"I'm sorry but can you give me a minute?"

"Uh…yeah…sure." I wasn't sure but she pulled out her cell and started calling someone. Probably someone she knew.


"Shells! What're you still doing in bed?!"

"Huh? What're you talking about?"

"Shellie! Look at what time it is!"

"Oh shit… I'll call you as soon as I get there."

Kels looked up at the clock and saw that it was 11:25. Amazingly she just shooked her head again and looked at me for a brief moment like a thought had popped up into her head.

"So, what're your classes? You're starting next Monday, right?"

"Yeah, and here's my schedule." I pulled it out of my back pocket and showed it to here to look at.

"Seems like we have one class together but you seem to be in most of the same classes my friend is in.

"Really? Is the friend you're talking about the one you just called?"

"Sadly, yes. Her name is Shellie. Shellie Jamison. She likes to be called Shells so yeah, call her by her name she'll go off at you."

"Haha…okay. I get it. So how long have you been living here?"

"Hmm…roughly five years. Have you been here before? You seem as though you've been here before."

"Yeah, I was here five years ago before I left and went to California. Everything is still pretty much the same ever since I left."

"Oh yeah? Hmm…well I don't know but here comes my friend, Shells."

"Hey Kels, what's up?" Shellie asked while moving into the seat right beside Kels.

"Oh hey Shells. Nothing, just talking to Aiden here. Shells this is Aiden and Aiden this is Shellie, preferable known as Shells."

I looked at Shells and noticed that she was looking at me but also in another world trying to figure something out.

"Hey Shells, you're going to be showing Aiden around when Monday comes alrighty? You have most of his classes so you're going to show him around when he comes Monday." Kels said and after a while she realized that Shells was daydreaming and so she waved her hand in front of her trying to get her to snap out but eventually didn't work.

"Shells! Shells! Yoo-hoo you there?" Kels finally asked and waved her hand in front of her again. This time she finally answered back and said something.

"Oh sorry, what did you say?" Shells asked being really really oblivious to the world.

"I said Aiden here has most of the classes you have and he won't be here until Monday."

"Okay, and you're telling me this because…" Shells said wondering what she meant.

"Shells, I didn't think you would be this oblivious but what I'm saying is that you're going to show Aiden his classes come Monday and no backing out of it too."

I looked at Shells and noticed that she probably didn't want to show me around so I finally butted in and said something. "Kels, it's okay. If she doesn't want to do it then it's okay."

Kels was about to say something but Shells beat her before she could. "Thanks for the thought Aiden but it's okay. I don't mind showing you around anyways." I was quite surprised that she accepted because it looked like she didn't want to but I guess I was wrong.

"So this Monday then right?" Shells asked probably just to be sure that I was going to be here Monday.

"Yeah Monday. Do you want to meet up Monday and you can show me around?" Me being curious asked just to see what she'll say.

"Uhhh…yeah sure. How about 7:30 in the morning right here where we're at?"

"Yeah, that's fine with me." *Ding…*

"Okay well I'll see you Monday then Aiden." She waved to me before she went off. "All right. I'll be looking forward to it." I waved back to her to let her know that I was okay and looked forward to Monday. I walked back outside to my car and decided to head out and look around for a bit before heading back home.

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