Half a year has passed and it was time to say goodbye
but all I could do was let out a big heavy sigh
cause after three weeks I knew our love would never be the same
but who do I have but myself to blame

I gave you my love but I guess it wasn't enough
cause you took me for granted and acted all tough
then you fell for my friend, my oh so gorgeous friend
and my world seemed to come to an abrupt end

You said you were sorry and it wasn't true
then you turned to me and said I love you
I didn't see the truth so I believed all your lies
till I met you in person and looked in your eyes

I loved you so much and thought you loved me back
and I didn't know what it was I could possibly lack
but now I sit here tears streaming down my face
missing the protective warmth of your embrace

Everything I did I did for you
you were my world my life my baby boo
I even sat here and took the time
to make this stupid little poem rhyme

I don't know why it took me this long to see
that our relationship just wasn't meant to be
I guess I just hoped that it was all a bad dream
and I'd awake to see that smile of yours gleam

but now im awake and my heart still aches
and I finally start to realize all my mistakes
my first was made the day I said hi
but now all I have to say is goodbye