Scarlett POV

Everyone had gone back to the hall where the wake was being held, I didn't want to go, I was already sick of the looks people were giving me, no one had spoken to me except for Isabella and Derek.

I almost wanted people to talk to me, just as though nothing was happening, it would have felt better then being an almost outcast.

Someone walked past me with a tray of wines. I grabbed two and quickly downed them in two gulps. It was the best and only way I could think of getting numb and forgetting everything.

Shortly after a couple more glasses of wine and other drinks that tasted… interesting, I was feeling dizzy and emotional. I was angry and confused and upset and frustrated.

"Fuck" I said as I tripped over something on the floor I was sure. Everyone turned to stare at me as I must have said it louder then I thought.

"What the hell is your problem?" I said, not talking to anyone in particular but talking to all of them.

"You all too chicken shit to even say hello to me, you are all fucking pussies" I said and felt hands rest over my shoulders.

"Come with me" Derek said into my ear and I relaxed as the only person who had been normal to me was saving me.

"Fuckers" I said one last time and turned to follow Derek out the back.

He sat me down on the back step and took a packet of smokes out of his top pocket.

"You want one?" he said. I didn't even think about it, I took a smoke out of his hand and lit it, revelling in the taste that I hadn't had since Reagan and I had given up a year ago.

"Wow" I said breathing out the smoke.

"Yeah" he said and just stared up at the dark sky.

It was then everything came rushing to me in one big black hole, Reagan was gone.

I could not stop the loud sob that came from my throat and the tears burnt my eyes and throat as I tried to hold them in, Derek could read my mind.

"Don't hold it in" he said.

I didn't, I cried and cried until it hurt, I didn't say anything and neither did Derek, nothing he could have said would have made it better.

"He's really gone isn't he?" I said once my tears had stopped, which felt like hours later.

"Yeah" Derek said.

"But why would he? I mean I can't understand why he didn't fight" I said, feeling anger more then anything almost bubbling up to my throat. I had never been so confused before in my life.

"He was fighting" Derek said and sniffled and I realised he too had been crying.

"What did you see?" I said.

"I don't want to talk about it" he snapped.

"Fine" I said and we sat there for a moment longer in silence.

"He told me to look after you" he said and my head snapped up to look at him.

"But… he made me promise, he wouldn't let anyone do anything until I said yes… I don't know if I can though" he said, tears still dropping down onto his cheek.

I didn't say anything, I couldn't, I was angry that Reagan knew so early he might not make it, but I was almost glad that he knew me so well, he knew I wouldn't cope so well without him.

"Don't hold it in" I eventually said, using the exact words he had used on me.

"I saw the accident happen, it happened right in front of me. I ran straight to the car and saw the dead driver, I thought I would faint, I could smell the blood and my adrenaline was pumping so fast through my body" Derek began and shifted uncomfortably.

"Reagan was still alive when I got to the car. I could see that the car was crushing his middle section and I almost did faint, he held onto my hand though…

Derek POV

… "Put your hand on his stomach" I heard someone yell at me over the top of all the sirens and yelling. I looked down at Reagan, the ambulance had shown up and the long process of getting Reagan out of the car had begun.

Once they got him out, they placed him on the ground, afraid to move him without more help. I looked down to his stomach and saw a large red wound.

"W… what do y… you…" I stuttered, I didn't think I could stomach anymore of this.

"Take this cloth and press it to the wound on his stomach, if he loses more blood there is less of a chance of him surviving" the man said, looking me straight in the eyes.

I moved forward and lightly put my hands to Reagan's stomach and he groaned softly.

"You need to apply pressure" the man shouted and I pushed down harder. Reagan screamed loudly and I instinctively pulled away.

"You idiot, the pain he is in now will be nothing if he is dead" the man said and I realised I had to do this. I put my hands onto his stomach again; hard and Reagan screamed again, I cringed.

I was there for a long time as the paramedics rushed around sticking needles into Reagan everywhere, I looked down to my hands and saw they were covered in blood, the cloth was now completely drenched and red.

I eventually got pushed out of the way as the put him on the stretcher.

"Derek" Reagan moaned quietly.

"Derek" he kept repeating it.

"What, Reagan I am here" I said and raced after him.

"Look after her" he said.

"What do you mean man? You will be fine." I said but I felt my stomach dropping as the thought of Reagan being gone hit me.

"No, promise me no matter what you will look after her" he said and the paramedics tried to lift him up into the ambulance.

"Stop" Reagan yelled and everyone froze, he spoke so loud and clearly it shocked everyone.

"No one moves me until I hear Derek promise" he said.

"Reagan, please" I said.

"Just fucking say it" Reagan swore.

"Ok, man I promise I will look after her but I won't need to" I said and with that he was gone.

"Come on, kid let's get your hands cleaned up" I heard a man say and took me over to the other ambulance…

"It was so scary, Scarlett" I said and looked to her, seeing she had tears streaming down her face, she looked up at me and looked… angry.

"Are you alr…?" I began.

"It's your fucking fault" she said loudly.

"Wait, Scarlett what are you talking about?" I said feeling angry, she had no idea what I went through on that day and what I have been through since then, the nightmares are so bad I haven't slept properly since that day.

"If you maybe pushed harder the first time, or promised earlier he could still be alive, you prick" she screamed and stood up.

"Scarlett how dare you? I am going through the same shit you are" I said, standing up also.

"You have no fucking idea what I am going through. If Reagan was still here I am sure he would tell you how much of a prick you are and that this whole thing is your fault" she screamed and pushed me back.

"Please don't do this Scarlett" I said, I felt like my face was burning red and my blood was boiling.

"You even bought him the car didn't you? Maybe if you hadn't of done that you would be the one dead instead" she said and I saw red.

I didn't know what I was doing until it was too late, I shoved Scarlett back using all my strength and she flew onto the ground landing on her back still crying.

"I deserved that" she said and got up, slowly walking towards me, I felt worse after pushing her out of anger.

"No, Scarlett, I am so sorry, I shouldn't have done that" I said and all the anger disappeared.

"No I really shouldn't have said those things" she said and came to stand close to me, I looked down into her eyes and sighed, they were such a beautiful green but they looked so sad, there was no life in them. I felt my stomach flutter.

"Come here" I said and pulled her into me; she instantly wrapped her arms around my waist and put her head into my chest and cried again.

We stood like that for a while, I was content with her standing with me in my arms, and I just hoped she knew that I never meant to hurt her and that I wouldn't again.