With every day that passes, my thoughts continue, and my life goes on. There are days that make me think that I won't be able to go on. There's always that one thing that tears me down, and no one can see, how much pain there may be. With each feeling I crumble down, and go on edge. How can I control the uncontrollable? How can life be so unpredictable? Why am I left to ponder this? Who am I to say this and that to you? Who are you to judge me? Look all you want. Not like I mind. I just that freak. I see the looks you give me. I can tell that you secretly judging me. With each day, I sit and stare out the window, watching life pass me by. Not knowing how to seize the moment. What should I do? I am asking. I see you sitting there, judging me. But you're not giving me any clues, or helping me out. How am I supposed to take this? Who are you to do that to me?

Have I told you how much I love you? Well… I love you.